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Was General Francis Ogolla Assasinated? Kenya's Luo Ask Ruto :: Uganda Radionetwork

Was General Francis Ogolla Assasinated? Kenya's Luo Ask Ruto

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The Luo suspect that General Francis Ogolla who had spent hardly one year in office could have been assassinated.
21 Apr 2024 19:02

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Mourners at the burial of Kenya’s Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Francis Ogolla asked for a speedy investigation into circumstances leading to his death.           

Gen Ogolla was among the occupants of the military aircraft that went down on Thursday afternoon shortly after take off in the northwest of  Kenya.

Kenya's President, Willliam Ruto on Friday said he had sent a team to investigate the helicopter crash that killed military chief Gen Francis Ogolla and nine others.                 

As mourners gathered Ngi'ya Village, Siaya County on Sunday in the presence of President Ruto and other dignitaries there was suspicion that General Francis Ogolla, who had hardly spent a year in office.  

General Ogolla was the first person from the Luo ethnic tribe to be appointed to head Kenya’s Defence Force. 

Late General Ogolla’s son, Joe Rabuku Ogolla had dismissed reports through social media that his father could have been assassinated.         

However, members of the Luo tribe in the Nyanza region insisted that an inquiry should be carried out regarding the death of their son. The concerns were first raised by Dr Oburu Odinga the brother of Raila Amolo Odinga. After delivering condolences from, Raila Odinga and from former President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, Dr. Odinga observed that the region where General Oburu came from had historically had assassinations.                

“I would only want to mention one word. The death was an accident. But even though it is an accident, in this region we have leaders who have died of such accidents. And we have also had the assassination of leaders from this region. So when such things happen, we are a bit suspicious,” said Oburu Odinga. “ We are asking for investigations not because of anything, but because we want to know the truth. And I want the General’s son not to be impatient with us. It is not because of anything, it is because once bitten, twice shy,” he added.       

He asked for no stones to be left unturned “ And let us know the truth of who killed our uncle, General Ogolla. He died too soon. And we are a bit shaken by his death” He went on to list names of prominent leaders from that region like Tom Mboya, and Robert Ouko who are said to have died in such tragic circumstances.    

“And when we lost Ouko, I was part and parcel of the team of Parliament that was investigating the death of Ouko. And I can tell that it was very sad because the regime at that time managed to convince the family to be very protective. So young man please allow investigators to do their work” charged Oburu Odinga.      

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Dr. Oburu Odinga had been allowed to speak by the area governor and one of Kenya’s prominent politicians and Lawyers, James Orengo.       

Orengo then went on to invite, Samuel Atandi-MP, Siaya. Atandi pressed further in demanding speedy investigations into circumstances leading to the death of  General Francis Ogolla. “Your excellency, there are some positions in this country that the Luos will never occupy. If a Luo was in such a position, that would be a miracle.

The cabinet secretary for the Treasury, a Luo has never held that position. Even the Attorney General, we have never seen that position, So let us remember that General Ogolla was the first Luo to sit in that position,” Atandi said.

“And that I why when members of my community express their concern about the end has come. And let’s agree my friends the end is smelly. The end is smelly. It is not as clean as the beginning. We would only ask you, Your Excellency, the way you broke the record of appointing him Commander in Chief, let us know what happened to General Ogolla. That is the only thing we want”      /

////Cue in “ Its smelly. The end is smelly  ……   Cue out……. as his community ”///  

Kenya's former Vice President and ex-minister of Home Affairs Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyokasaid   

“It has been said that generals don’t die. They just fade away. But here is the case of a general who did not wait to fade away. He crushed, died in office. Mr President, this is a straightforward thing. We have heard that a team has been constituted to look into the circumstances under which General Ogolla fell. What Kenyan want Mr. President is simply to make it public because that will ally all these fears.   

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Cue Out…so the truth must come out ”///

Veteran female Kenyan politician, Martha Wangari Karua spoke on behalf of the Azimilio family. She said “Everything has been said. When an accident occurs, it is a security concern that deserves an answer for the nation. And since an inquiry has already been formed, we look forward to speedy investigations,” said Karua.   

Governor, James Orengo said that “ I want to say this without fear or contradiction. And that is why some people mistake us. We have mourned many times. And we have mourned heroes. We mourned Tom Mobya, we mourned Dr. Ouko, We mourned Odhiambo Mbayi, and today we are mourning General Ogolla. And I  plead with whoever is here, you must allow Kenyans their heroes the way they can,”

  ///Cue in “ I just hope….     

Cue out….. we truth comes out”///     

The President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto said General Francis Ogolla was a consummate military officer, a passionate commander, and a patriotic citizen of Kenya of great humility and integrity. He said the late was appointed Kenya’s Chief of Defence Forces(KDF )because of his credentials, and integrity.   

////General Ogolla…..   …. 

As CDF of Kenya…clapping”////

Ruto while not ruling out whether General Francis Omondi Ogolla was assassinated, President Ruto said he would allow political assassination or extra-judicial killings and his watch.

  “It is true we have lost many Kenyans because of extra-judicial killings. It is also true that we have lost many Kenyans because of political assassinations. And I made a commitment to the people of Kenya that there will never be… And let me say this. As it has been said here, for the avoidance of doubt and any fear of contradiction there shall never be political killings or assassinations,” said Ruto. 

//// Cue In” clapping  There shall never be….

Cue Out….that took away the life of general Ogolla”///

General Francis Ogolla’s burial was attended by the Chief of Defence Forces from some of the countries in East Africa. Uganda’s Chief of Defense Forces was represented by a delegation led by Lt. General Charles Okidi, Commander of Air Force (CAF) .

The nine others killed in the crash were named Brig Swale Saidi, Col Duncan Keittany, Lt Col David Sawe, Maj George Benson Magondu, Capt Sora Mohamed, Capt Hillary Litali, Snr Sgt John Kinyua Mureithi, Sgt Cliphonce Omondi, and Sgt Rose Nyawira.