Amuria Residents Defy COVID-1 Prevention Guidelines

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James Arana, the village chairman of Ajenit in Olwa Sub County says his people have remained adamant to the health precautions as well as the Presidential Directives to contain the virus. He notes that instead, three more bars have recently opened in his village and many people crowding in the trading centers every evening.
Residents in a meeting at Aminit trading center.

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Public gatherings have continued unabated in Amuria district despite the ban by President, Yoweri Museveni to control the spread of COVID-19. The previous week, president, Museveni banned all public gathering to enforce social distancing as one of the preventive measures against the spread of the corona virus.     

Several districts in Teso moved fast to decongest trading centers and suspended social gatherings such as congregational drinking and games among others. However, life has continued normally in Olwa, Morungatung and Obalanga sub counties in Amuria District.     

Our reporter traversed several sub counties on Sunday evening and Monday morning and observed several activities in different trading centers. URN saw a huge crowd of residents attending a security meeting at Achinga in Tubur Sub County, the last trading center in Soroti district that borders Amuria district.     

The residents neither observed the social distancing guidelines as advised nor did their leaders caution them. The situation wasn’t any different in Ojalam and Olwa trading centers as residents continued mixing freely and enjoyed local brew alias Ajono from pots.   

James Arana, the Ajenit Village Chairperson in Olwa Sub County, says his people have remained adamant to the Corona virus precautionary guidelines issued by the Health Ministry as well as the Presidential Directives. 

He notes three more bars opened recently in his village and many people mix freely in trading centers every evening.

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Francis Olupot, a resident of Morungatung says the social life in the villages has been worsened by holiday makers and some urban dwellers who returned home recently.       

He notes that some people claim that they are immune to COVID-19 while others think that avoiding handshakes and hugs is a sign of arrogance towards relatives and friends.   


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Olupot also revealed that Achele Catholic Church and St Silver in Morungatuny conducted services on Sunday while another group of Christians convened for prayers in home of some family at Awoja Aitoi village.

John Robert Okitoi, the Amuria District Chairman says that they are continuing with community sensitisation to enable the community understand and take the precautionary measures seriously. 

“You know, some people take long to understand. This will definitely take time for them to adapt to the new changes. We are aware and doing everything possible to ensure that our people are protected from this deadly virus”, Okitoi said on phone.    

Our reporter visited Aminit trading center in Kamuda Sub County in Soroti district and found local leaders led by the LC 3 chairman, GISO and the officer in charge Kamuda Police Station in a security meeting with more than 50 residents on Saturday.

Generally, many people especially in urban centers in Soroti, Serere and Kumi districts have adopted the measures to contain the virus. Hand washing facilities are seen almost in every household and all business premises. While a few individuals wear masks and hand gloves.