Chief Justice Fills Positions Left By Elevated Judicial Officers

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In the Same Development, Katureebe has also appointed former Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate Jameson Karemani as the Judiciary’s Public Relations Officer. Karemani will be replacing Vincent Emmy Mugabo who was also appointed a High Court Judge.
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe
The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has replaced the newly elevated judicial officers. A statement from the judiciary shows that Katureebe has named Tom Chemutai as Acting Chief Registrar replacing Esta Nambayo who was appointed High court judge.

Chemutai, 53, started his career as a Judicial Officer serving first as a grade one Magistrate in1995. He also served as the Personal Assistant to the former Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki for three years and held various positions including being the Secretary General of the East African Magistrates, Judges Association, Registrar of executions and bailiffs court, high court, Supreme Court among others.  

He holds a Masters in Law from Makerere University and Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Center. Katureebe has also appointed Jameson Karemani, the former Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate new judiciary Public Relations Officer. He replaces Vincent Emmy Mugabo who was also appointed High Court Judge.                   

Karemani, who has equally served in various judicial positions started out as a legal officer at the Legal Aid Project of Uganda law society in 1996 before crossing to the Judiciary. He has among others served as the Publicity Secretary of the Rotary Club of Kitgum for seven years.

Karemani, who is now leaving the Office of the Inspectorate of courts, represents the Judiciary on various Integrity Committees including that of the Justice Law and Order Sector. Karemani was named the best performing Chief Magistrate for the years 2010 up to 2013. On October, 5th President Yoweri Museveni appointed 15 Judges including 12 for the High Court and 3 for the Appellant Court.

They included Justice Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General of Government, Monica Kalegira Mugenyi who has been serving as Principal Judge at the East African Court of Justice in Tanzania and High Court Advocate, Muzamiru Mutangula Kibeedi.  

Those appointed to High Court include Vincent Mugabo, the Judiciary Communications officer, Esther Nambayo, the Chief Court Registrar, Inspector of Courts, Immaculate Busingye, Jane Okuo Kajuga, the Spokesperson Directorate of Public Prosecution.  Others include Isaac Muwata, Jesse Rugyema and Serunkuma Isah, Jeanne Rwakakoko, Suzan Abinyo, Victoria Katamba, Boniface Wamala and Philip Odoki.

The group took oath at State House in Entebbe on Tuesday. The Chief Justice has used the same chance to reshuffle 37 Judicial Officers, arguing that it’s in the interest of bettering service delivery. He explains that some transfers are meant to fill the gaps left behind by the promoted officers.   


Those affected in the transfers include deputy Registrars, Assistant Registrars, Chief Magistrates, Grade one and Two Magistrates. The most notable transfers include that of the Deputy High Court Criminal Division Registrar, Mary Ikit to Registrar High court, Mary Keitesi from the Family Division to Criminal Division and Rosemary Bareebe from Gulu High Court to Registrar In charge of Magistrates Affairs. 

The Entebbe Chief Magistrate, Mary Babirye has been appointed the Court of Appeal Registrar. According to Katuree, the appointments and transfers take effect January 1st 2020.

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