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Museveni Betrayed Luweero Residents - Kyagulanyi

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While campaigning in NRM Cradle land at Ngogoro playground in Luwero district and Kamuli Church of Uganda Primary school in Nakaseke district,Kyagulanyi said that Museveni hoodwinked residents to support him to take over power.
Kyagulanyi arriving for rally at Ngogoro playground in Butuntumula sub county

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The National Unity Platform - NUP's presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has asked residents in Nakaseke and Luweero districts to take lead in voting out President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for failing to live to their expectations.

Luweero and Nakaseke districts were the epicenter of the National Resistance Army War of 1981-1986. The Luweero residents have been voting for President Museveni since then.

In 2016, Museveni obtained 76.2% against Kizza Besigye’s 21.2 % of 64,557 total votes cast in Presidential polls in Nakaseke district. Museveni  also garnered 71,382 votes representing 55.78 percent while Besigye scored 53804 votes representing 41.1 percent in Luweero.

While campaigning at Ngogoro playground in Luweero district and Kamuli Church of Uganda Primary school in Nakaseke district on Saturday, Kyagulanyi said that despite the areas' contribution to the NRA war, it's still lagging behind in terms of development.

He however said that Luweero and Nakaseke have been turned into the epicenter of land grabbers and poor service delivery.

Kyagulanyi added that even the fighters who helped Museveni to come to power are still crying foul in villages after failing to compensate them.

He explained that the residents supported Museveni after he promised them that he will fight dictatorship but he has turned himself to be worse than his predecessors.

Kyagulanyi said that since Museveni betrayed the residents of Luweero , they should take lead to vote him out of power for failure to live to their expectations.

He promised that once voted president he will fight land grabbers and construct a pineapple processing plant to add value to their produce.

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Cue out;….gikolerako.”//

Paul Luttamaguzi, the Nakaseke South Member of Parliament told voters that Kyagulanyi is the only hope for the residents since some of NRM governments are part of land grabbers in the area, but Museveni has failed to stop them.

Luttamaguzi questioned why Nakaseke is still lagging behind in development despite its contribution to NRA war. He says Museveni takes the area for granted and it's high time residents  vote him out.

// Cue in: “President Kyagulanyi…

Cue out;…okununulwa.”//

Allan Mayanja, the NUP candidate for Nakaseke Central says that the people are ready to vote Museveni out of power because of unfulfilled pledges.

Unlike in Nakasongola, Kyagulanyi was welcomed by huge crowds at the two rallies he held in Nakaseke and Luweero despite reports of intimidation.

Kyagulanyi said that the crowds that were courageous to attend his rallies was clear testimony that Luweero is ready to vote Museveni out of power.