Rival Masaaba Cultural Leaders Storm Out of Umukuka's Eulogy

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Sister Rose Nelima, the incumbent speaker of Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution introduced the delegates including the representative of the “Emorimori” the leader of Teso Cultural institution and skipped Wedaira and his team prompting them to storm out.
mudoma, Wedaira and Kangala storm out of the Assembly

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Members of the rival faction of Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution under Jude Mike Mudoma, the purported Umukuka III have stormed out of an assembly convened to eulogize the deceased Umukuka II Bob Kipiro Mushikori.

This morning delegates representing various Bamasaba clans converged  at the headquarters of Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution in Malukhu to eulogize Mushikori ahead of his burial on Saturday this week.   Mushikori passed on early this month. His body has been kept at Mbale City Morgue to allow preparations for his burial.

The members of the rival faction led by the former speaker of Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution, Nelson Wedaira also turned up for the assembly but stormed out shortly in protest for having not been introduced

The  speaker of Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution, Rose Nelima had introduced the delegates including the representative of the “Emorimori” the leader of Teso cultural institution for unknown reasons, she did not introduce Wedaira and his team. 

Wedaira told journalists that they decided to storm out to protest the speaker’s failure to recognise them the rightful leaders of the institution. 

He claimed that even those who attended the assembly were not the genuine delegates of Inzu ya Masaaba Cultural Institution, adding that they are just a bunch of the deceased’s friends mourning his demise. 


//Cue in: “So what they are doing…   

Cue out:…as part of it,”//   

James Kangala, the former General Secretary of Inzu Ya Masaaba says that he is a member of Mushikori’s burial organizing committee and was invited to attend a meeting eulogise the Umukuka and not a general assembly.

He said they formed a committee involving members from all groups with interest in Inzu ya Masaba but only to find that the meeting turned into a general assembly.  

//Cue in: “What is happening here…  

Cue out:…a gathering of bamasaba”//   

Tom Mayeku, the Minister of Innovation in Inzu Ya Masaaba and one of the organizers of Mushikori’s funeral, says since the assembly was open, Wedaira and his supporters were expected to attend just like any other person.  He also says it wasn’t necessary for the speaker to recognize everybody who attended the ceremony.    

//Cue in: “It was a public…   

Cue out:…and walked away,”//   

Meanwhile, the assembly passed a motion to name the road connecting from Mbale town to Inzu Ya Masaaba Cultural institution Headquarters after the deceased Umukua II. The motion was tabled by Situma Munyanda, a delegate from Mutiru clan.  

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