Two Arrested at Elegu Border Attempting to Sell Pangolin

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Tens of thousands of pangolins are poached and killed for their scales for use in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed their meat is a delicacy among some ultra-wealthy in the Asian continent.
19 Feb 2020 16:18
Aswa River Region Police Spokesman ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema - Photo by Dominic Ochola

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Two South Sudanese soldiers are in trouble for attempting to sell a Pangolin. 

The two are Lt. John Chol Malou Mayen, an Immigration Officer attached to Nimule One-Stop Boarder Post at Nimule Town in South Sudan and Lt. Denis Arop Ocan Lotyang.

They were arrested on Tuesday afternoon in Elegu Town Council. According to Police, Lt. John Chol Malou Mayen helped to transport endangered animal to Uganda in his vehicle.  

Samson Okello, the Commandant of Elegu Border Checkpoint, says the suspects had planned to sell the pangolin at Shillings 15 million.  

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, says the pangolin was recovered from a Mark II motor vehicle Reg No: SSJS 330B that was being driven by suspects. 

He says arrangements are underway to transfer the suspects to Kampala to answer to the charges of illegal possession of protected Wildlife Species vide Elegu SD REF: 26/18/02/2020.


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Pangolins are very unique and insectivorous world’s most trafficked non-human mammal in the international illegal wildlife trade. 

Their scale comprises keratin that is rich in protein, which is found in rhino horn and human fingernails. 

Tens of thousands of Pangolins are poached and killed for their scales for use in traditional Chinese 

medicine. Their meat is a delicacy among some ultra-wealthy people on the Asian continent.