A Thousand Teenagers Pregnant, Seek Antenatal Care in Lockdown Month in Kachumbala County

many teenage girls are pregnant since the schools were closed and some parents do not improvise their girls with basic need like pads among others which force young girls to get involved in love affairs the health center registered a total of 1024 teenagers seeking for antenatal care service and a total of 136 births registered in month of june
22 Jul 2021 13:57
akawp on antenatal report photo by George Emuron

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The office of the district community development officer in Bukedea district has registered over one thousand teenage girl pregnancies in Kachumbala County seeking antenatal care services during the month of second lockdown.

Marion Akwap the district community development officer says in the second lock down, they have registered a total of 1,024 teenage girls seeking antenatal care service in Kachumbala health center III. 

Akwap also added that in month of June over 136 teenage births were registered while some others give birth from various clinics. //cue in…Akwap this number of teenage girls seek for antenatal ATESO//cue out parents has to play their role ATESO//

Geoffrey Okiswa the resident district commissioner Bukedea who is the chairperson Covid-19 task force says the cause of alarming child pregnancies is due to lack of community sensitization and Hence, the sub county and village task forces will be engaged to educate young girls on dangers of early pregnancies amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We are educating people about the virus but now as a task force we are to begin educating young girls on the dangers of early pregnancies”, said Okiswa.

Okiswa added that educating young people about the dangers of early child pregnancies will help to fight poverty in the community.//cue in…village task force has to start sex education 

cue out…….Lets educate girls on dangers of early pregnancies //

Stephen Ikodet, the district health officer Bukedea says the rate of teenage pregnancies is alarming in the district since most of the parents fail to play the vital role on their children.



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