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Kitagwenda LC V Chairperson Stops Issuance of Boat Licenses :: Uganda Radionetwork

Kitagwenda LC V Chairperson Stops Issuance of Boat Licenses

Fishermen accuse Evelyn Atuhaire, the Kitagwenda district fisheries officer of connivance and illegally giving out fishing boat licenses to non landing site residents.
Fishermen at Nyakera contested Landing site on Lake George in Kitagwenda District

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Ismail Mushemeza, the Kitagwenda District LC V Chairperson has stopped the licensing of fishing boats at Nyakera landing site on Lake George.  

The directive stems from complaints from some at the landing in Bukurungo town council accusing the District Fisheries Officer, Evelyn Atuhaire of illegally licensing boats of none residents.

They also accuse Atuhaire of fraudulently owning several fishing boats, which creates unfair competition for the fishermen. 

Paul Barirora, a fisherman at Nyakera landing site, says that he has been paying his license fees to the ministry of fisheries but was surprised to see his license revoked and given to another person without any clear explanation.

//Cue in; Aba fisheries Nibo Binna…..  

Cue out:…atatutakumaya nitushasha munonga,”//

Boniface Beyanga, another fisherman, says that the fisheries officer owns several boats acquired through proxies. 

Beyanga called for the intervention of the district Authorities and ministry of fisheries to intervene and resolve the matter.

//Cue in ;Nitusasa kulebangu tukatandikka Nomwaro  

Cue out: Nibo Bakutuletera Obuziibu,”//  

Ismail Muhereza, the LC 5 chairperson Kitagwenda district told URN that they have commenced investigations to ascertain the magnitude of the problem. 

He says that they have halted the issuance of boat licenses with immediate effect until pending the vetting exercise that resumes in January 2022.

//Cue in: “Twikirizana Na Vetting committee ya district  

Cue out ; Akavuyo Akali ha landing site egi,”//  

The fisheries officer has not yet commented on the accusations levelled against her and she couldn’t pick our repeated calls to her known cellphone number. 

The government officially gazetted Nyakera landing site in March 2021. Twenty boats were licensed to operate on the landing site. 

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