Bududa Police Shooting Victim Wants Compensation

Desmond Kuloba, a resident of Bunaembe cell in Bududa town council says he was picked at his home, flogged, and finally shot by the DPC David Agaba.

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A Boda-boda operator in Bududa district is crying out for compensation from government after he was allegedly shot by David Agaba Tumwine, the then Bududa District Police Commander.

Desmond Kuloba, a resident of Bunaembe cell in Bududa town council says on 28th march this year he was picked at his home while talking about the then police brutality in the district during enforcement of Covid-19 guidelines by a team headed by David Agaba who was commanding police.

He says he was then intercepted, flogged, and finally shot by the DPC. He says he has tried to seek redress from police but in vain and does not know the progress of the matter as police at the region have become silent. So he is crying out to the government for compensation. 

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Patrick Bwayo, the victim's brother, says he met the police officer who shot his brother but could hardly do anything to him because he was armed. He says his brother is now lame and he cannot ride the motorcycle again, so they are begging the government to come to his rescue. 

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George Warawa Tsama  the  father of the victim says his son used to get 'food' out of the Boda-boda but since then their family is starving and they can no longer easily get what to eat because the leg is still sick and he can hardly do anything to benefit the family. He asked government to look into the matter of his son because Justice is needed for every Ugandan. He says in most cases, police officers who commit offences are just transferred to other stations rather than being detained and later charged as it happens to other people. He said when this is done then people shall share a common goal with the government.

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Wilson Watira the Bududa district Chairperson regretted the incident saying they expect police to act in a professional way. He said when someone commits an offence, the law empowers a police office to arrest the offender no to shot or kill. He condemned the acts of the then district police commander saying he received a number of complaints about his leadership at the station which were not pleasing. He therefore asks government to help the complainant so that justice can prevail.

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However, a source from Bududa central police station that preferred anonymity because they are not allowed to speak to the media told URN that the file was sanctioned sometime back and Agabais supposed to appear in court to answer charges of unlawful wounding. 

The source added that after Bududa Agaba was transferred to Naguru and is working in Human Resource office. Rogers Taitika the Elgon Region police spokes person however referred us to the acting police spokesperson since he is still on sick leave since he got an accident.

However, John Robert Tukei the acting spokesperson Elgon told URN that for them as police they do not abandon cases only that the complainants need to follow up with their cases. He regretted having lost track for the case but he said they have a professional standards Unit at Mbale where the complainant should follow up his case.

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