11 Arrested for Violating Quarantine in Isingiro

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Police in Isingiro district have arrested eleven people for violating the cattle quarantine in the district.

Police found the suspects slaughtering nine cows and distributing meat to several outlets in Isingiro town.

The district police commander, Ezra Isiko, says his office has received several complaints about cattle keepers slaughtering and selling meat, despite the quarantine that was imposed on livestock early this year.

The quarantine on livestock was imposed on several districts in south and south-western Uganda following the outbreak of the highly-contagious Foot and Mouth Disease.

Isiko says cases of quarantine violations have this month increased significantly. He attributes this to financial pressures on parents as they try to raise school fees for their children.

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Isiko says the suspects will be prosecuted in court.

More than 20,000 cattle in Rukungiri district have been vaccinated in an exercise to stop the spread of the Foot and Mouth Disease that has affected several districts in western Uganda.

The Rukungiri District Veterinary Officer, Johnson Ninsiima, says the vaccination exercise will continue, but that in the meantime all livestock markets in the district will remain closed.