13 MPs Undergo Free Surgical Circumcision

a story from collection of statistics of the health week
Thirteen Members of Parliament were among the 383 people who underwent free surgical circumcision during a One-Week Health Week at parliament that started on Monday.

The MPs were operated from the parliamentary clinic in the basement of the parliamentary buildings while the other beneficiaries of the free service were operated aboard the mobile clinic van belonging to the Makerere University Walter Reed Project. 

Josephine Kigonya, a Senior Nurse of the parliamentary commission, described the Health week as a huge success adding that the turn up was overwhelming. She said she was happy that they helped to save many people, especially those who were detected with early stages of the deadly Cervical Cancer cells.

She said they detected 15 women with early stages of cancer cells and treated them through Cryotherapy, a process of damaging cancerous cells in their early stages before they turn disastrous.

The Health Week provided free medical services including Voluntary Counseling and Testing – VCT, Blood Donation, screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer, Circumcision and Massage Ceragem, a new Korean technology in Uganda that uses thermal massages for the back and spinal bones.

A total of 1,279 people underwent the Voluntary Counseling and Testing, 232 donated pints of blood while 305 were screened for Cervical Cancer and 350 for Breast Cancer.

Kigonya said that the 15 women who were detected with early stages of the Cervical Cancer cells will have to return in a year’s time for re-checking in order to get safer.

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