15,000 Evicted From Uganda Railway Housing Estate in Kasese

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More than 15,000 people have been evicted from the Uganda Railway Corporation housing estates in Kasese.

The evictions started on June 26th, but most of the evictees said they were taken by surprise. They claim that they were forced out of houses without prior notice as stipulated in the law.

Most of the evictees said that Uganda Railway Cooperation introduced to them David Sibeka, as the person who would collect rent on behalf of the corporation.

Ester Kabanekera, one of the tenants said Sibeke has for the last one year been collecting the rent and issuing the tenants receipts. But at the turn of events, the corporation claims that the tenants were issued fake receipts.

Jane Katusabe, a mother of eight including an 8-day-old baby was forced to spend a night outside because she has no where to go. Her pleas for leniency fell on deaf ears.

Equally affected by the evictions are the pupils who have been attending classes at Kasese Parents Primary School. The pupils were forced out of class, and all the doors locked.

Dominic Ahangwe, the school registrar, blamed the railway officials for employing a conman to extort money and turning around to destabilize the tenants.

Railway cooperation officers, led by Henry Mukasa, claim that some of the tenants had no receipts of payments and others are using fake receipts issued by their former employer who sold off all railway materials in form of metal scraps and is still on run.

The Uganda Railway estate formerly used by railway staffs was later turned into a residential estate where the cooperation collects monthly rent fees from tenants.