20 Year Old Dies in Septic Tank

Residents employ ropes in an attempt to rescue their colleague.

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Police in Kiira region on Sunday morning retrieved the dead body of 20 year old Stewart Lubega, a resident of Budhumbuli west ward in Northern division, Jinja city who died in a septic tank. 

It is reported that, Lubega had gone to rinse clothing in his neighbor’s backyard only to slide and drown in an already collapsing septic tank. 

Residents however, fault police for failing to arrive at the accident scene on time which to them frustrated the possibilities of rescuing their colleague alive. 

Michael Waiswa, the area L.C.2 chairperson says that police authorities should intensify their relationship the communities in their areas of operation by offering timely rescue services to those in need however.  

The chairman says these unexplained delays continue to negatively taint the force’s image in the public view.

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Amulafesi Kigenyi, a resident in the area says that, they called police at around 7:30am but, they hadn’t responded by 9:00am, prompting them to physically engage police officers attached to the Kiira region fire and rescue services directly.

However, these too only responded late  getting to the scene at around 11:00am. 

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Asuman Isabirye another resident within the area says that, following police’s delays, youthful members within their community were quickly mobilized in an attempt of ddevise means to save their colleague’s life who by the time was heard shouting for help while still trapped in the septic tank however, their efforts proved futile as they lacked the necessary equipment required to retrieve him. 

Isabirye also notes that, most of the septic tanks and toilets within their community are dilapidated which has resulted into several accidents over the past three years.

But it is only today that, a fatal case has been registered for the first time.

He adds that Jinja city authorities should mobilize landlords to rehabilitate these sanitary facilities whose already dilapidated state has been worsened by the rainy season. 

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Meanwhile, the Kiira region police spokesperson, Abbey Ngako says that they struggled to access the accident scene, since the area is densely populated without clear access routes.

He added that such challenges greatly contributed to delays in offering rescue services to the victim.   


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