22 Children Rescued from Illegal Orphanage in Luweero

The children were rescued from an illegal orphanage run by Afaayo Children Ministries at Bukasa village, Zirobwe Sub County.
14 Dec 2019 10:18
Joyce Namigadde the Luweero District Probation Officer speaking to the rescued children at Luweero Reception Center

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Police and Probation office has rescued 22 children from suspected child trafficking in Luweero district.

The children were rescued from an illegal orphanage run by Afaayo Children Ministries at Bukasa village, Zirobwe Sub County.

Police raided the home on Friday and found nine Congolese children mobilized  from Kyangwaali refugee settlement and more than 10 others from Kampala. The children majority of them girls, are aged between 8 and 13 years.

Joyce Namigadde, the Luweero District Probation Officer says that they recieved reports that the home was keeping the children without a license from theMinistry of Gender,Labour and Social Development and in very inhabitable conditions.

Indeed on getting there, the children were found in small and tidy room without a trained caretaker.

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The children have been transferred to Luweero Child Reception Centre run by Child and Family Protection Unit and Non-Government Organisations.

Police has since arrested six caretakers including Agnes Kijjambu the wife to Pastor Eddy Kijjambu the owner of the home to explain how they got the children.  Pastor Eddy Kijjambu the Director of Afaayo Children Ministries is on the run.

Ahmed Musakana, the Luweero District Police Commander says that Kijjambu faces charges of child trafficking and operating an illegal home.

But Agnes Kijjambu told URN  at Luweero Central Police Station that the parents surrendered the children to them voluntarily after they learnt that they could be helped to access free education.

Kijjambu denied that they are running an orphanage Centre and instead claimed the children were being kept at Afaayo Christian Academy which was set up to offer free children to poor children.

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Olivia Kalungi a resident of Kasubi a suburb of Kampala city is among the parents who surendered his two children to the home after their father died in accident.

Kalungi condemned the Police raid saying they were receiving free education which she couldnt afford.

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In 2016 , Luweero District closed about 25 orphanage homes after failing to meet basic requirements. Currently only five orphanage homes are licensed to operate in Luweero but others have emerged and running without fulfilling the requirements.

In September 2018, Police raided God's Power Revival Church located at   Sinalya Hill, Kalule-Bombo in Luweero district and rescued 15 girls and one boy.

The children had been mobilized from the districts of Kasese, Bugiri, Budaka, Kiboga, Ntungamo, Bukomansimbi, Wakiso and Masaka among others. The parents were duped by a pastor that he will look for people to sponsor their children.

In July 2018 , the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development ordered the closure of all homes which were found to be operating illegally. At least 569 homes were  recommended for closure but many are operating illegally.