Police Arrests 23 for Encroaching on Nakivale Settlement

The arrest comes a day after residents turned rowdy, uprooted all sign posts and blocked the Isingiro - Rugaga road.
Police in Isingiro district have arrested 23 people for encroaching on land belonging to Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

They include Rugaga Sub County LCIII Chairperson Matthias Tushabomwe, Paul Ndugu, Suwed Mubanza, Joshua Turyamureba, Allen Bihabwa and Benon Turyamureba among others.

The arrest comes a day after residents from the sub counties of Kashumba, Rushasha, Rugaga, Ngamara and Kabingo Town Council turned rowdy, blocked Kabingo-Rugaaga road adjacent to the camp main offices and uprooted all sign posts erected by agencies and organisations operating in the refugee community.

They accused government of failing to demarcate the right boundaries separating Nakivale Refugee Resettlement Camp land from that of the natives leading to land fights between natives and refugees. Police used teargas and live bullets to disperse the angry residents.

The locals who have the backing of Isingiro district chairperson Jeremiah Kamurali say that they will put in place their own demarcations if government fails. Kamurali described the arrest as uncalled for.

Rwizi Regional Police Commander Robert Walugembe says that those arrested are facing charges of criminal trespass and malicious damage to property.  He says police is hunting for more people suspected to be part of the group.