3 Rape Victims Relocated To Butabika Mental Hospital

Police in Kitgum has relocated three rape victims to National Mental Hospital, Butabika for treatment and rehabilitation.

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Police in Kitgum has relocated three rape victims to National Mental Hospital, Butabika for treatment and rehabilitation.


The three, who all have mental problems and fell victim while staying on the streets of Kitgum district, had failed to respond to treatment from Kitgum Hospital because of lack of adherence to drugs.


Margaret Adongkare, the officer in charge of the child and family protection unit at Kitgum Central Police Station, says women are raped almost every night by right thinking members of society. She says one the three had been infected with gonorrhea and her health required urgent specialized treatment while the other two were also sickly. No suspect has been arrested in connection with the crime.


Adongkare says the core work of the police is to protect human lives and their properties and therefore leaving the lunatics to continue roaming the streets of the northern Uganda town was against this core value.


Adongkare says Police collaborated with the local government to transport the mentally ill ladies at the beginning of the week after unscrupulous people torched fuel wood one of them gathered together under a tree for shades and shelter.


//Cue in: “These women…

Cue out:….getting treatment.”//


Adongkare says another female lunatic has remained on the street among some six male lunatics. She could not be easily located during the relocation exercise. One of the mentally challenged women was identified as Tok Tok, notorious for vandalizing properties and stoning road users.


Adongkare says Tok Tok often clashed with school children that provoke her anger engaging them in running battles as she hurled insults and stones. Tok Tok survived the LRA war by spending the better part of her life on the streets of Kitgum district while the rest joined her on streets during and after the LRA war.


A business woman who declined to be identified said Tok Tok is a resident of Agoro Sub County in Lamwo district. She was abandoned by her family during the LRA conflict. She said many of the lunatics were mistaken for rebels and shot dead during nightime operations during the war.


Prof. Emilia Ovuga, a lecturer in Gulu University’s Faculty of Medicine, says a lot is still desired to meet the psychosocial needs of the people of northern Uganda even after the war due to trauma the war left in its wake.