30 MPs Not Returning to Parliament

At least 30 Members of the 10th Parliament will not return in the next Parliament, after they willingly exited the race or were defeated in the party primaries and didn’t contest as independents.
Parliament of Uganda

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Although there are 457 MPs in the Tenth Parliament, only 427 are actively in the field campaigning to return in the 2021 elections.

At least 30 Members of the 10th Parliament are not seeking to return to the next Parliament, after they willing exited the race or were defeated in the party primaries and didn’t contest as independents.

  Half of the 30 MPs are those that were defeated in the National Resistance Movement Elections (NRM), while 8 of these opted not to contest as MPs.  

Some MPs who opted out are Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa who fronted his daughter Shatsi Kutesa Musheru, Minister for Local Government Raphael Magyezi who opted out, and Mbale Municipality MP Jack Wamanga Wamai who decided not to contest. 

Others are;  Florence Namayanja the Bukoto East MP who has opted to contest as Mayor, Winnifred Kiiza , the Kasese Woman MP who has joined the Alliance for National Transformation, and Judith Babirye the Buikwe Woman MP who travelled abroad.

Of the five youth MPs, only two; Ishma Mafabi the Eastern Youth MP and Ocar Omony the Northern Youth MPs are not returning while others are seeking to contest for directly elected or woman MP seats.

  URN spoke to some of the aspirants who said their next move is to live a private life, while others have opted for Business.   Jack Wamanga Wamai, a former Diplomat and MP Mbale Municipality says that he decided against contesting because the matter had become full of conflicts.

He says infighting in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) caused a lot of problems and he chose to opt out. He says he was personally attacked because of his stand on the Mbale forest land giveaway to expand the city.

Wamai was in support of giving away the forest while other party members and leaders in Mbale strongly opposed the give away of the Mutoto forest to allow developers expand Mbale town.

Wamai says this conflict made him to decide to step down and concentrate on private business.

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Oscar Omony, the Norther youth MP is one of the NRM MPs who decided not to contest after losing in the NRM primaries. Omwony contested against Tonny Awany for the Nwoya MP Seat and lost, but decided against running as an independent candidate. 

He says he will now resort to business and farming,  a passion that runs through the family.

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Charles Ilukor, the MP Kumi County says that he is done with elective politics. He says after losing in the NRM primaries, he recalled he had made a promise to the people that he would serve only one term. He says he therefore decided to drop the ambitions of returning as an Independent candidate and now will go for private business.


Ilukor says he is not a career politician and most of all he has accomplished his vision. He says as an accountant, businessman and farmer, he will go back to where he was.   He says he is lucky to be out of Parliament, because it is troublesome.  

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Cue out:… for school fees”//

The MPs are entitled to salary until May when the new parliament comes in.

The Lists of MPs Exit for other pursuits 

1. Robert Kyagulanyi, Kyadondo East  2.  Sam Kutesa, Mawogola North  3.   Winnie Kiiza, Kasese Woman MP  4. Judith Babirye, Buikwe Woman MP  5. Raphael Magyezi, Igara West MP  6. Jack Wamanga Wamai, Mbale Municipality  7. Nabila Naggayi, Kampala Woman 8. Isham Mafabi, Youth MP Eastern  9. Florence Namayanja, MP Bukoto East MP 

MPs who lost in NRM Primaries 

10.   Evelyn Anite, Koboko Municipality MP  11.   Charles Ilukor, MP Kumi County  12.   Oscar Omony, Northern Youth MP 13.   Mary Karoro Okurut, Woman MP Bushenyi  14.   Musumba Isaac Isanga, Buzaaya MP  15.   Moses Kizige Bugabula North MP  16.   Nakate Lilian the Luwero Woman MP  17.   John Bosco Lubyai  18.   Abraham Byandala, the Katikamu North  19.   Peace Kusasira, Mukono District Woman MP  20.   Benny Namugwanya, the Mubende Woman MP  21.   Amos Mandera, Buyamba County MP  22.   Michael Tusiime , Mbarara Municipality MP  23.   Lawrence Bategeka, the Hoima Municipality MP 24.   Muruli Mukasa, the MP Budyebo County  25.   Mayanja Mbabali, Bukoto South MP  26.   Henry Okello Oryem, Chua East MP  27.   Grace Kwiyucwiny , the Woman MP Zombo  28.   Adolf Mwesigye, MP Bunyangabu County  29.   John Byabagambi, Ibanda South MP  30.   Gabriel Ajedra, the Vurra County MP

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