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300 Residents Face Eviction from Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Land :: Uganda Radionetwork

300 Residents Face Eviction from Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Land

The row between the Diocese and the residents has been developing silently and escalated on June 1, after Edward Kagoro, the Bunyoro-Kitara diocese land chairperson issued a notice to the residents saying that the land belongs to the church.
Bunyoro Kitara's St Peters Cathedral.

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Bunyoro Kitara Diocese is on the verge of evicting more than 300 people  from their homes in Rusembe 1 and Rusembe 2 villages in Duhaga ward in Kahoora division Hoima Municipality.

The dioceses claims the land occupied by the residentsmeasuring 269 acres.

The row between the Diocese and the residents has been developing silently and escalated on June 1, 2019 after Edward Kagoro, the Bunyoro-Kitara diocese land  board chairperson issued an eviction notice to the residents, saying the land belongs to the church.  

In the notice, the Anglican Church wants the occupants who have since constructed permanent homes and other properties to register so as to be sub-leased.  

This hasn't gone well with the residents who claim this is their ancestral land and vowed to do the contrary.

The residents led by their Village Chairperson, Fred Ayesiza held a meeting on June 2 at Duhaga playground, a few meters from the contested land to forge away forward to the challenge.  

The residents blamed the church leaders for embarking on such an exercise without informing them.  

“This is a well coordinated plan to evict us and grab our ancestral land. But we shall not accept this broad day light robbery. If the church claims ownership it should show proof of ownership by producing a land title which they have not up to now presented,” Fred Ayesiga, the Rusembe 1 LC 1 Chairperson who claimed to have lived on the disputed land for over 90 years said.    

Ayesiga says they will not allow the church to grab their land threatening to mobilize area residents to protest against the church’s decision.

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Benon Sentura, another resident who has lived on the contested piece of land for over 70 years, explains that this is a deliberate move by the church to evict them from their land, adding that they cannot allow this to happen.

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Tom Kategero, the LC 2 Chairperson for Western Ward in Kahoora Division, said the land problem can be solved by the church producing the land title to allow for retracing the boundary markings.

He said this would help in a way that whoever is on that title can discuss with the church or seek legal redress in courts of law.

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Godfrey Buro, the Vicar General of the Diocese, said the church has no intention to evict the residents, adding that the church that has a freehold title and only wants to register and sub-lease the land to the occupants so that they can have clear ownership.

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Buro said the decision to register people on church to issue them subleases was sanctioned by the provincial assembly.  

He says although a few people have started coming to formalize their stay on the land, many are reluctant. 

"We urge others to come and they get land titles to cement their legal occupancy and this can also help them get titles and use them as collaterals to get loans in the bank and develop themselves .” said Buro. 

The diocese has also warned people against buying and selling plots of land on the contested land.  


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