34-year Old Stabbed to Death in Embarrassing Situation

His suspected killer, Yakubu Isabirye, is reported to have caught the late Kalulu red handed trespassing in his bed, and has since fled into hiding after stabbing.
James Mubi, the Busoga east police spokesperson, courtesy photo.

Police in Iganga district is investigating circumstances under which 34 year old Ali Kalulu was stabbed to death on Thursday night.

Kalulu, a resident of Nabukone village in Nambaale sub county was stabbed twice in the chest at around 9:00pm, bled profusely and died instantly. 

His suspected killer, Yakubu Isabirye is reported to have fled into hiding however, security operatives have mounted search for him.

Kalulu is said to have been caught red handed while having conjugal rites with Isabirye’s wife.

Sarah Mutwalume, a resident within the area, says that for close to ten months, Isabirye has been accusing the wife of infidelity. 

“The matters of this couple have dragged since April last year when Isabirye started openly castigating his wife over infidelity, allegations which she dismissed. We even engaged the suspects’ wife on the matter, but she instead accused Isabirye of being insecure over unclear reasons,” she says.

The Busoga east police spokesperson, James Mubi confirmed the incident, adding that the deceased's remains have been taken to Iganga general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

He lamented that cases of domestic related violence orchestrated by both women and men alike, have increased during the lockdown period however, all parties involved are hesitant to seeking counselling. 

Mubi reveals that detectives have been dispatched to mount search for the suspect but challenged married couples to seek counselling from experts rather than acting irrationally while dealing with marital challenges.


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