500 Tons of Plastic Waste Recovered in Masaka

Reverend Father James Ssendege, the founder of Masaka recycling initiative says the total tonnage of plastic waste materials has been accumulated in the last four years they have been operating in the greater Masaka districts.
Reverend Father James Ssendege, founder of Masaka Recycling Initiative showing us products they are making from plastic wastes collected in Masaka. A total of 500 tons have been collected in four years

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More than 500 tons of plastic waste has been recovered dumped in Masaka.

The waste that includes mineral water and other soft drink bottles, polythene bags, and other household utensils were collected through the Masaka Recycling Initiative-MRI; a partnership between the Masaka Catholic Diocese and environment conservationist of Eco-brixs. 

Reverend Father James Ssendege, the founder of the Masaka recycling initiative says the total tonnage of plastic waste materials has been accumulated in the last four years.

Through the initiative, they have been collecting a monthly average of 10.4 tons of plastics, which according to Fr Ssendege, are usually littered in the community together with other trash that can easily decompose.

He says that the bulk of their collection is an indication of a big threat of destruction to the environment caused by poor waste management. 

According to Fr Ssendege, the initiative was inspired by the urge to contribute to environmental conservation, through which they also intend to inspire communities against practices that endanger the ecosystem.

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Fr Ssendege has called upon the government to strictly enforce regulations against the distribution and use of polythene and other hazardous plastic materials.

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Andrew Bownds the Chief Executive Officer at Eco-Brixs says they are currently collecting a small fraction from a bigger load of plastic materials that are circulated into the region especially by the different beverage distributors that use it for packaging their products. 

He however indicates that they are now looking forward to broadening their capacity to at least collect up to 50 tons per month and venture into recycling the plastics as alternative reusable material for construction, furniture for leisure among others.

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Daniel Kayemba, the operation officer at Eco-Brixs says that they have now resolved to open up plastic collections points in all major trading centres within the districts of Masaka region to be able to substantially reduce the plastics thrown in the community.