80 Kilometres of Roads Listed for Rehabilitation in Busia

The poor state of roads has raised concern from the public because they had become impassable to cyclists and motorists.
The 28 Kms Masafu-Bukobe,Mumutumba,Masaba-Lumino road

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Busia district local government has started rehabilitating 80 kilometres of roads.

The major roads include the 28Kms Masafu- Bukobe, Mumutumba- Lumino road, 6 Kms Masafu-Busikho road, and 8km Buhehe-Masinya road.   Others are Bulumbi- Buyanga and Buteba, Busitema-Sikuda road among others.

Stephen Mugeni Wasike, the Busia LCV Chairperson, says that they received the road equipment from the Ministry of Works. The district council had earlier allocated a budget of 400 million shillings for fueling the graders and excavators to work on the roads.

According to Mugeni, the rehabilitation works will be completed in three months.

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Wilson Wangira, Godfrey Mutima, and James Wafuho among other residents say that the Masafu-Bukobe, Mumutumba-Lumino road is the shortest route that connects to Busia town and neighbouring Namayingo has several potholes and lacks a drainage system.

They are optimistic that once completed, the road will boost trade.


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Mathew Taab, the Masafu sub-county LCIII Chairperson is happy that the Masafu-Bukobe, Mumutumba-Lumino road that has been abandoned for the last 10 years will be rehabilitated.

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John Mulimba, the Samia Bugwe North MP says that they want some of the roads to be taken over by the central government. He adds that they are also lobbying for more funds to rehabilitate sub-county roads.

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