Acute Water Crisis Hits Hoima Villages

Midesta Mugisa, the Kigorobya Sub County LC 3 Chairperson, says most of the villages in his area lack clean water sources. He says as a sub county, they are incapacitated to establish more water sources.

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An acute water shortage has hit several villages in Hoima district affecting more than 2000 families. 

The most affected villages are Hanga, Lenju, Bukona, Kyakasato, Kabatindule, Nyamasoga, Nyakabingo, Ndaragi, Chongambe, Kiganja, Kapapi, Nguru, Nyamundeija, Kyamukwenda, Bunina, and Aliwara other villages in Buseruka, Kigorobya, Kitoba Sub counties and Kigorobya town council. 

  Currently, residents trek a distance of not less than 10 kilometres to access clean water.  Analysts blame the crisis on the prolonged sunshine, which has affected the water levels in valley dams, swamps, springs and wells that residents depend on for water.    

Vincent Kasamba, the Hanga LC I Chairperson, says people in his area trek a distance of 7-kilometres to access water from the neighboring Marongo village. Winnie Kabasinguzi, a resident explains that they are forced to wake up as early as 5 a.m. to trek long distances in search of clean water.

Richard Kajungu, a resident of Buseruka says even after walking long distances, they get water from a well they share with animals. Jerevansio Ongier, a resident of Kyakasatu in Kisukuma parish in Kigorobya Sub County, says currently they are sharing water with animals from river Nyabago, something he says could lead infections.


Godfrey Kajura, a Resident of South West ward in Kigorobya town council, says they are forced to buy a 20 liter jerrycan of water at Shillings 1000, which is too costly for them. 

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Christine Nyanjura, the Bwikya Parish Woman Councilor,  says the water situation in the area is alarming. He calls on the government, stakeholders and Non- Governmental organizations-NGOs to come to their rescue.

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Joshua Byangire, the Kigorobya town council LC III chairperson says the water crisis is negatively impacting the lives of the local communities.  He says the 60,000 liter tank that serves the town council isn’t enough.  

Byangire says they have engaged the water and Environment Ministry to construct for them another water tank to serve the growing population in Kigorobya town council. 

He says the water ministry has accepted to construct a 200,000 liter water tank within the town council to adequately serve the growing population. Kigorobya town council alone has a population of more than 15000 people. 

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Midesta Mugisa, the Kigorobya Sub county LC 3 Chairperson, says most of the villages in his area lack clean water sources. He says as a sub county, they are incapacitated to establish more water sources. 

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Ibrahim Luswata, the Hoima District Water Engineer couldn’t be reached for a comment since he could neither pick nor return calls from our reporter.