Alupo Directs Ministry Of Energy to Find Investor for Kilembe Mines

Alupo gave the ministry up to two weeks to have advertised for investors. Alupo said that if an investor is sought, it will control resource wastage. She added that letting the mines waste away denies Uganda a lot of revenue but also slows down the progress of Kasese district.
The Kilembe Mines Manager Fred Kyakonye Welaga briefing Alupo on the status of the mines.

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The Vice President Retired Maj. Jessica Alupo has tasked the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development to find an investor for Kilembe Mines.

Kilembe Mines was a major source of revenue for Uganda in the 1960s through 1970s but got a setback in 1977 when Idi Amin Dada, then as president of Uganda, ordered Canadians who were the investors to leave the mines in the hands of Ugandans.

Amin's nationalisation policy was also followed by a steep fall in the global prices of copper ore hence leading to the closure of the mines in 1978.

In 2013, the government offered a 25-year concession to Tibet Hima Mining Company Limited to revamp the mines. But the concession was cancelled by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in 2017 October on grounds that Tibet Hima had failed to execute its mandate as prescribed in the concession.

Alupo who was in Kasese on Wednesday to tour the mines and Mubuku I Power Station  said that if an investor is found, it will control  wastage of resources.  She added that letting the mines waste away denies Uganda a lot of revenue but also slows down the progress of Kasese district.

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Alupo said the government will also invest more resources in reconstructing roads and bridges in the district that were destroyed by floods last year.

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The State Minister for Minerals Peter Lokris said revamping the mines will open up thousands of jobs.

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The Manager Kilembe Mines Fred Kyakonye Welaga says that the new investor will be required to put in place flood control measures to protect the mines when River Nyamwmaba and Mubuku floods.

According to Welaga, several tonnes of cobalt left behind following the closure of Kilembe Mines in Kasese district are wasting away as they are eroded by running water.

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The LCV Chairperson Eliphazi Bukombi Muhindi welcomed the Minister’s directive saying that it the mines had greatly contributed to the urbanization of the district. 

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In 2019, Irene Muloni, the former Minister of Energy and Minerals Development said that the investor that will be awarded exploration license for Kilembe mines will be required to carry out new explorations to see if more reserves of copper can be mined. 

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