Amuru Demands for Review of Local Government Financial Regulations

Local leaders in Amuru say they want government to review the current financial regulations to allow local governments have more financial autonomy.

They say the move would ensure the appropriate allocation of financial resources to productive areas to boost investment and income generating activities for the rural people.

Walter Komakech, the sub county chief of Lamogi says that local governments have many programs to implemented by most of the money they receive from central government is conditional grants.

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Gilbert Oulanya, the LC5 councilor for Amuru Sub County explains that they are unhappy with the conditions attached on central government releases.

He says the conditions sometimes make it difficult to divert the funding to urgent priority needs.

Oulanya says that the problem is made worse by a funding gap, which results into poor service delivery.

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Onesmus Mugyenyi, the director of Advocates Coalition for Development on Environment says that the organization has been advocating the need to demand government to overhaul its budget framework.

He explains that the people who need service are at the local government where only 30 percent of funds are channeled leaving the central government in control of 70 percent.

Mugyenyi says the national budget should be divided equally between the central and local governments to ensure that there is predetermined proportion of the budget that is directly spent by the local government rather than through conditional grants.

He also appeals for the need to introduce direct taxes to help local governments raise revenue instead of relying on grants that constitute over 90 percent of the funds used by the district.

Amuru district is one of the many local governments that are poorly funded.