Amuru RDC Accused of Buying 150 Acres of Contested Land

A copy of the sales agreement dated 11 October that URN received indicates that the RDC's wife Pauline Adokorach deposited 8.4 of 15 million as part payment out of the 30 million shillings for the land. The land was sold by Otema Joseph Livingstone, and witnessed by 15 people.
28 Nov 2021 13:35
Amuru Resident District Commissioner - RDC Geoffrey Osborn Oceng -Photo by Dominic Ochola

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The Amuru Resident District Commissioner, Geoffrey Osborn Oceng has been accused of knowingly purchasing 150 acres of contested land in Pawel Langetta village in Opara Sub-County.

The land in question is strategically located along the Gulu-Nimule road, part of the north great motorway that links Uganda and neighbouring South Sudan. It is part of the 3,345 acres of contested customary land between the Palaro and Pakwayi clans.

A copy of the sales agreement dated 11 October that URN received indicates that the RDCis wife through his wife Pauline Adokorach deposited 8.4 of 15 million as part payment out the 30 million shillings for the land. 

The land was sold by Otema Joseph Livingstone, and witnessed by 15 people.

Shortly, disagreements emerged between Otema of Palaro and the late Ojwang’s estates administrators who opposed the sale of part of the 5.2 square miles of customary land that they had applied to the Land Board for grant of freehold tenancy.


Speaking to URN, David Ojok, a member of Ojwang’s family says the sale of the contested piece of land has sparked off skirmishes because the RDC his siding with family he bought the land from to protect his interest.

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James Acaye, an administrator of the estates revealed that the land deal is questionable because the RDC new very well the contested status of the land in question. Acaye said Oceng’s involvement in the purchase of the land tantamount to abuse of the office of the President, his appointing authority.

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Milton Okwera, an attack victim whose vehicle was vandalized decried the RDC’s interference to manipulate the security structure at the village and sub-county to destabilize them from their land so that he does not lose the land he bought cheaply and fraudulently.

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The family says the RDC’s wife, Adokorach, attended, inspected and witnessed the transaction. However, the sales agreement letter which URN saw was not stamped by the relevant authorities because the payment was partial pending completion of payment.

But when contacted, the RDC Oceng refuted the allegations arguing that he understands the legal processes to be taken in the country before one acquired land, and denied any involvement in the transaction.

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URN further scrutinized the contacts of the witnesses who signed in the land sales agreement, and Pauline Adokorach’s recorded cell phone number 0789467416 is registered in  Geoffrey Osborn Oceng's names. 

Now, the aggrieved family of late Yasoni Ojwang accuse the RDC of sponsoring terror against them, adding that 13 of their family members have been arrested on outmaneuvered charges, and are languishing in prison while over 250 others displaced due to constant security threats on their lives.

On 22 October, a deadly dispute erupted causing grievous bodily injuries on four members of late Ojwang’s family. Several of their crops due for harvest in gardens were looted, houses burnt down and livestock stolen.

The family now wants rights activists, and State House Anti-Corruption Unit  headed by Col. Edith Nakalema to take interest and investigate Oceng for abusing his authority with the intention to intimidate vulnerable families in order to protect his land acquisition interest.  Meanwhile the life threatening tensios in the area persist.