ANT Lays Strategies for 2026 General Elections

Gen. Gregg Mugisha Muntu, the ANT Presidential Candidate in the recent elections disclosed that they are ready to win massively in the 2026 general elections much as they poorly performed in the 2021 general elections.
Mugisha Muntu speaking to URN from Gulu City. Photo by Emmy Daniel Ojara

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The Alliance of National Transformation (ANT) party is in early preparations for the 2026 general elections.

The party led by Gen Mugisha Muntu registered a dismal performance in the parliamentary elections after its flag bearers were defeated.  They are Paul Mwiru, the MP Jinja Municipality East, Gerald Karuhanga the Ntungamo Municipality MP, and Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri.   However the party won the LCV Chairperson seat for the newly created Terego district.

Muntu also contested for the presidency but garnered 67,574 votes.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday in Gulu, Gen. Muntu says that they are planning to win massively in the 2026 general elections much as they poorly performed in the 2021 general elections.  

However, Muntu told URN on Tuesday that the party has currently embarked on massive grass root mobilization and reorganization of its party structures to secure massive victory in the next general elections. 

Muntu noted that the party will sieve its members and front the best candidate for the position. 

//Cue in: ‘’we are people…   

Cue out: …of this country.’’//  

Muntu said that he was not surprised by his defeat in the recent elections noting that the election process was marred with irregularities, bribery, intimidation, and fear which affected its outcomes.

//Cue in: ‘’as ANT we….   

Cue out: …down the road.’’// 

He also said that the coronavirus disease pandemic and financial constraints affected the party from adequately traversing the country to sell its manifestos to solicit votes.  

James Okello Mogi, the ANT party candidate who lost the Kilak South Parliamentary race said that he is optimistic that the 2026 general elections will be a walkover for his party because by then they must have rooted deeply among the voters. 

The ANT is currently on a countrywide trip to mobilize people to join the party.

The team is currently in Acholi Sub Region.   Gen. Gregg Mugisha Muntu came forth in the 2021 presidential elections after scoring 67,574 votes representing 0.65%. 

Incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was declared the winner with 5,851,037 votes representing 58.64% beating ten other candidates.

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