Anti-Teen Pregnancy Campaign is Revived by Masindi Girl's PLE Birth

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Kiryandongo BCS Primary School, the school at which a P7 girl gave birth during this year's Primary Leaving Examinations, is engaged in a rigorous campaign against teen pregnancy.
17-year-old Florence Abbale went into labor during the exams early this month. She was rushed to Kiryandongo Hospital, in Masindi, where she gave birth to a baby girl.
Abbale's parents are angry and confused. They say they are afraid that she may not be able to continue with her education.
However the management at Kiryandongo BCS Primary School has chosen to use the incident as a learning opportunity for students and parents of the school. It has started a sensitization campaign urging mothers to become more involved in their children's lives. The school wants mothers to teach their children about abstaining from sex until marriage, contraception and responsible living.
Godfrey Lok'isyepe, Deputy Headmaster of Kiryandongo BCS Primary School, says the call is for mothers to return to their traditional role of taking charge of the moral upbringing of their children. He says the guidance of mothers is particularly necessary in the development of girls.
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Severino Odiya, the headmaster of the school, says the cases of defilement and teen pregnancy are very high in Kibanda County, where Kiryandongo is located. Although no concrete study of this problem has been conducted, he estimates that 80 percent of girls in Kibanda have had their first sexual experience by the age of 18.
Florence Abbale is settling into her life as a mother. She returned to school the day after she gave birth and was able to complete her exams.
However for her family, this is nothing to boat about.
Speaking at her home in Techwa village, 25 kilometers from Kiryandongo town, Abbale's mother, Nigh Beatrice is angry at her daughter and the man she claims is the father of the child. Beatrice claims that the alleged father, Rashid Ala, defiled and abandoned her daughter. She says Ala's relatives have refused to acknowledge the baby.
Beatrice wants Rashid Ala arrested and charged with defilement, but he has run away.
The police at Kiryandongo Police Station tell a different story. According to them, Night Beatrice and her husband haven't been cooperative in providing evidence in the case that could lead to Ala's arrest.
Beatrice is determined that her daughter should continue with her education. She wants the girl to become a nurse.
The new baby is faring well. She has been named Mertin Nabibuzo. Nabibuzo literally means