Archbishop Lambert Receives Symbol Of Participation From Pope Francis

The symbol gives the Archbishop communion with the holy father the Pope.
papal Nuncio to Uganda Luigi Bianco dresses Lambert his Pallium a sysmbol of Authority

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The Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese Most Rev Lambert Bainomugisha has received his symbol of participation, the Pallium from Pope Francis.

The symbol gives the Archbishop communion with the holy father the Pope.  The Pallium is a woolen vestment consisting of a narrow circular band placed around the shoulders with a short lappet hanging from front and back.

On Saturday, the Papal Nuncio to Uganda Luigi Bianco dressed Bainomugisha the pallium at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral Nyamitanga

Most Rev. Bainomugisha was appointed the Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese in 2020 replacing Emeritus Paul Bakyenga. He was installed in June 2020 in a ceremony that was attended by a few congregations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The delivery of the pallium from Rome was delayed by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Speaking after receiving the symbol, Archbishop Lambert said God chooses a person to go and serve in any capacity noting that they should not be negligent and forgetful but stand by their vocations.

//Cue in: "I chose you…

Cue out: ...he in us."//

Moses Akampa a Christian expressed excitement that his Archbishop had received the symbol to fully serve God’s people.

Rev Charles Mutabaruka the Mbarara Archdiocese Public Relations Officer said apart from the letter of appointment, a pallium is the only visible symbol that shows his sharing in the ministry of the holy father in the universal church from the pope to the region he serves.

He says it symbolizes the role of the chief shepherd caring for the flock as symbolized by Christ carrying a sheep over his shoulders.

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