ARLPI, Omoro Team Up to Document Land to Curb Disputes

Abdallah Latif Nasuru, the ARLPI Project Senior Officer told URN on Wednesday that the initiative aims at reducing land conflicts especially on boundaries which is rampant in the district based on their surveys.
ARLPI Vice Chairperson Sheikh Musa Khalil handing over a land boundary certificate to Lucy Adokorach. Photo by Emmy Daniel Ojara

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Clerics under the Acholi Religious Leader's Peace Initiative-ARLPI have teamed up with Omoro District land board to document land in a bid to curb disputes in the area. ARLPI is implementing the Systematic Land Demarcation Project to facilitate the survey, plotting, mapping and awarding certificates for land boundaries in the district.

The one-year-long project being funded by Trocaire and implemented by ARLPI with support from Omoro district land board started in July last year.  The project has so far documented land belonging to one hundred and one families in Labora Sub County and awarded them certificates of ownership both individually and jointly. 

Abdallah Latif Nasuru, the Senior ARLPI Project Officer told URN on Wednesday that the initiative aims at reducing land conflicts especially on boundaries, which are rampant in the district based on their surveys.  He explained that the customary land ownership in the district as in other parts of Acholi Sub Region makes it complex to intervene, mediate and build peace through dialogue whenever land conflicts arise.

According to Nasuru, this is largely because of the fact that the mode of land demarcation such as planting trees, border opening and undocumented mark stones are unsustainable and can be destroyed willfully.  He explained that the systemic land boundary demarcation is precise, agreeable, and traceable because it has been fixed on the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which makes it easy to handle where need be.

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Andrew Ochola, the Senior Land Management Officer of Omoro district explained that the land boundary certificate is the first step to acquiring land titles, which are on high demand but inaccessible to many residents because of the costs involved.

More than 2,500 households in the district have reportedly applied for land documents but are cash strapped to complete the process. He says that cases of land conflicts in the district are rampant due to the lack of permanent marks and documents. conflicts.

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Ochola says that the initiative will greatly reduce such conflicts and also add value to people’s land. 

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Francis Ojok, the Labora Sub County LC III Chairperson is optimistic that the boundary certificates and documentation will greatly reduce the conflicts in his area and ensure security. Lucy Adokorach, a mother of three from Amilobo Village who has benefited from the initiative told URN on Wednesday that she is now happy that the security has for her 14 acres plot of land is guaranteed since it is protected from land grabbers as well.

Maureen Akello, a beneficiary from Laminadera Sub Parish is also grateful that her land was surveyed and documented at no cost because she could not afford the expenses. According to reports from Aswa River Region Police, Omoro and Amuru districts are hot spots for land conflicts with the majority of the cases involving arson, murders, malicious damage, causing grievous bodily harms and destruction of properties over land boundaries.