Army Blames Northern War on Collaborators

The army has blamed the prolonged insurgency in Northern Uganda to rebel collaborators in the region.

The 5th division army commander, Brigadier George Etyang, says that the army has received reports showing that some rebel collaborators in northern Uganda, run businesses which are funded by the rebels. He said that the rebels and their collaborators own most of the buildings in business centers around Pader town, Patongo, Kalongo and Bweyale in Masindi district.

Etyang says that documents discovered recently from the body of one of the rebel commanders contained a list of business contacts.

He says that rebel collaborators are discouraging the rebels from surrendering so that they continue reaping profits from the businesses.

Meanwhile, four rebels of the Lords Resistance Army have been killed in a gun battle at the foot of Latanya hills, 35 kilometers east of Pader town.

The army recovered a radio receiver, two rifles and 90 rounds of ammunition.

The UPDF 601 brigade Commander, Major Joseph Balikudembe, said that the latest onslaught on the rebels will bring relief to the residents of Pader district, who have for long suffered under the brutality of the rebels.

//Cue in: iThe killing of Obali is a relief for Pader #

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