Artisanal Miners Want Minerals and Mining Bill Expedited

Bosco Bukya, the Chairperson of the Association, says that they have advocated for the law in vain.
10 Dec 2020 14:31

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Artisanal miners under their umbrella, the Uganda Association of Artisans and Small Scale Minors want the government to expeditiously pass the Minerals and Mining Bill.

The Minerals and Mining bill of 2019 seeks to strengthen the administrative structures for the effective management of the minerals sub sector, provide for the acquisition, management, and dissemination of geological information, to regulate the licensing and participation of commercial entities in mining operations.

The bill also seeks to provide for Government participation in mining operations, provide for value addition with a view of promoting local growth by reaping benefits across the whole value chain, provide for an open, transparent, and competitive process of licensing and also create a conducive environment for the promotion of exploitation of Uganda’s minerals potential and provide for sustainable mineral marketing strategies by setting up buying and auctioning centers.

Bosco Bukya, the Chairperson of the Association, says that they have advocated for the law in vain.  He said this being a campaign season, the miners want the candidates to address the matter. 

He said the current law of 2003 does not favour the artisans and miners in protecting their rights in the course of their activities especially on the issue of maximum capital of 10 million required to be invested in the mining per small scale miner.  

Bukya adds that the law is also silent on the land and mineral acquisition rights. 

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Josephine Aguttu, the chairperson of Tiira Small Scale Minors in Busia district says that if the law is passed, the issue of capital will be addressed to give room for people to invest in a reasonable amount of money into their business.  The current law requires that any artisanal miner is not allowed to use capital beyond 10 million shillings.

Aguttu says that the law will also save them from speculators who hold licenses and don’t use them but only wait for miners to discover where the minerals are and they evict them forcefully.
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Morris Muheirwe Tabaaro, the Inspector of Mines in the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines in Charge of Eastern Uganda said that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has concluded consultations on the law and the bill is now with the cabinet.

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