Arua Slum Dwellers Receive Tools for Skills Development

Members of Arua Slum Dwellers during hand over of the Machines and tools in Arua town.

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Over ten slum dwellers in Arua have been empowered with tools and machines to enhance skills development for wealth creation. 

Sewing Machines, Mechanic Tool Boxes, Gas and Electric Ovens and Welding Machines all valued at over UGX 50 million were handed over to ten youths living in the Slums of Arua Central Division after completing 8-10 months training in various skills.

The machines and tools were procured by Arua Slum Dwellers with support from National Federation of Slum Dwellers in Uganda as a measure to support their members during the Covid19 hard times. 

Ratib Amaku the National Coordinator Urban Poor W. Nile said they were prompted by the reports that many youths who are idle were heavily engaged in robberies, pick-pocketing and alcohol and drug abuse that’s why they decided to support in skilling them and giving them required tools. 

According to Amaku each recipient of the tools and machines is expected to train five others youths each in a particular field.   

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Cue out; going to support them…. //  

Currently Arua City has over 5,000 registered members of Slum Dwellers' Association in various groups in the Central Division. Twaib Onduga, the chairperson of Arua Slum Dwellers Association said most of their members are now fully engaged in various businesses after receiving other supports earlier from the Slum Dwellers Federation.   

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Yasir Samin a recipient of electrical tools kit who trained for 7 months in electrical works in Arua speaking in Lugbara commended the association of Slum Dwellers in Arua for supporting him with money to undergo training and promised to train other youths, with who he had been sitting by road sides in Arua town waiting for any hard labor opportunity.

“I’m very much excited about this opportunity which I think is God given to me!" he said. "I least expected to come out of the situation of a beggar I was in before.”

Meanwhile Hope Driciru from Asianzu Slum Dwellers Savings Group who received a Sewing Machine said she will move and station at Odramacaku along the Uganda border with DRC to tap in to the bigger market for clothes in DR Congo.

 Judith Drate, the Principal Community Development Officer Arua City says said her office will work closely with the Slum Dwellers group in Arua to ensure they are stationed in a one stop center for all their products to be made and marketed from.


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