Average Turn Up in Kasese As Schools Reopen

At Kamaiba Primary School, 40 pupils out of the total enrolment of 133 had reported by 7:30 a.m.
Learners at Margherita preparatory primaty school being coached on covid-19 control before classes on Thursday

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There has been an average turn up of learners in Kasese District as schools re-opened for finalists and candidate classes.

In some of the schools visited by Uganda Radio Network reporter, they had at least 50 percent turn up of learners. Adherence to SOPs was also being emphasized though some schools lacked temperature guns.

At Kamaiba Primary School, 40 pupils out of the total enrollment of 133 had reported by 7:30 a.m.

Benon Masereka, the Deputy Head Teacher said that most parents are still struggling to pay school fees or buy the required items which include face masks and sanitizers for their children.


 //Cue in: “We expect all…. 

 Cue out: “…far as SOPs.”//

At Daylight Christian Primary School in railway ward, 18 learners had been registered by 8:00 am out of 26 candidates.

Robert Mumbere the school headteacher says that they expect the numbers to increase by Friday or next week.  However, he says the school is struggling to acquire all the required facilities and adhere to the SOPs.

//Cue in: “The beginning was… 

 Cue out:..could help us.”//

Ngorogoza Umar Kiralira, Kasese Muslim primary school headteacher attributes the average turn up to parents who are still struggling to find the necessary school requirements. He says many parents are unable to even contribute partial payment for their children.

// Cue in: “ As a school… 

 Cue out:…payment is concerned.”//

At Unique Valley Primary School by 8:30 am there were less than 10 pupils who had turned up for the first day of schooling activities.

It was not different at Universal Primary School where about 13 candidates had turned up out of 25 registered. 

Stephen Bowamazima Byamaka, the School Director says the school administration is making telephone calls to parents reminding them to send the learners back to school.

 //Cue in: “The turn-up…. 

 Cue out:..ares till there.”//

At Nyaksanga Primary School 20 candidates had reported out of 30.  Vincent Baguma Mumbera, a P7 teacher is optimistic that the numbers will be high by Monday. 

 //Cue out: “The turn-up… 

 Cue out:…handle the situation.”//

At Municipal High School, the school postponed the re-opening Monday to enable them  adequately prepare.