Ayivu Clan Petitions Parliament Seeking to Withdraw from Arua City

irio Gasper, the spokesperson for SAI says that the city administrative unit that the government of the Republic of Uganda recommended should end with former Arua Municipality and should leave out the entire Ayivu constituency.
Copy of the 5 paged Petition to withdraw Ayivu from Arua City.

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Save Ayivu Initiative-SAI, a group of concerned people of the Ayivu clan, has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament seeking to withdraw from Arua City. 

In a five paged document signed by over 10,000 people, the group comprising former politicians, technocrats and elders cites lack of consultation of the key social and cultural issues, loss on identity and cultural independence and loss of access to services as key reasons for their action.

In 2020 the central government upgraded ten former Municipalities to Cities among which was Arua Municipality, now city.  But according to the Petitioners of Ayivu the whole process excluded the custodians of Ayivu clan. 

Pirio Gasper, the spokesperson for SAI noted that the city administrative unit the government of the republic of Uganda recommended should end with former Arua Municipality and should leave out the entire Ayivu constituency. 

Pirio stresses that the original Arua district administrative structures be reinstated to bring services closure to the communities  

// Cue in; The members of Save.…//Cue out; because of the City…. // 

  Meanwhile the former Mayor for Arua City Al Hajj Isa Kato, also a member of Cities Alliance said during the inception of Arua City, they did not give the whole of Ayivu land to be under Arua City but only allowed the 10 square kilometers of Arua municipality to be elevated in to City.   // Cue in; We are elevating Municipality.…// Cue out; in to the City status…. //   

The Petitioners also argue that people of Ayivu basically practice subsistence farming with about 90 percent of the land not been registered, hence putting them in a City ushers in the very high risk of their land being grabbed.

John Godo an elder in the Save Ayivu Initiative notes that the people of Ayivu do not sell land but produce from their fields and so do not need to be in the City.   // Cue in; You win people to.…// Cue out; you retain the land…. //   

Achan Hellen' who represents the women in Save Ayivu Initiative says that the right of women to land should be considered since the majority of Ayivu women survive on produce which they grow on the piece of land that has been swallowed by the City.   // Cue in; Our husband is the land.…// Cue out; will decide upon this…. //   

Copies of the petition have been given to Minister and Permanent Secretary Ministry of local government, Prime Minister, President’s Office, The Parliament and to West Nile MPs.