B13 Gangster in Luwero Jailed 50 Years for Aggravated Robbery

In her judgment, Justice Mugenyi said that all ingredients of aggravated robbery proved beyond reasonable doubt and convicted Ssenyimba.
The High Court in Luwero has sentenced a B13 notorious gangster to serve 50 years in jail for aggravated robbery.

Abdul Karim Ssenyimba alias Cobra aged 27 years, a resident of Wapamba zone in Wobulenzi town was on Friday sentenced by the Luwero High Court Judge Anna B. Mugenyi Bitature.

The Luwero Resident Chief State Attorney Beatrice Alok Odongo told Justice Mugenyi that on 31st May 2018 at Kasana Mabale in Luwero town council, Ssenyimba and others armed with a panga robbed Medi Jjombwe of cash 1,050,000 Million Shillings, a TV screen, two solar batteries, two itel mobile phones, woofers, and Star-Times decoder among other items.

Alok added that in the robbery caused dangerous harm to Jjombwe when they cut him on the head and thereafter threatened to harm his wife.

The accused denied involvement and refused to record a charge and caution statement. He said he only knew only the process of his arrest and had nothing to say on the robbery. 

He told the court that he was arrested on the morning of 2nd July 2018 while buying chapatti and was mistaken to be Mambo but he knew nothing of robbery. David Ssemambo alias Mambo was another notorious robber who was killed by a mob early this year in Wobulenzi town over robberies.

But the Prosecution presented Jjombwe who pinned him over the attack and the evidence was corroborated with that of Walugembe Saulo the Defense Secretary of the village who together with his brother responded to alarm after the robbery and chased the assailant whom they identified to be Ssenyimba.

The prosecution also relied on evidence of investigating officer of the case who testified that Police made a suspect parade of nine people but the victim pointed at Ssenyimba saying he had identified him before he cut him on the head during the robbery attack.

In her judgment, Justice Mugenyi said that all ingredients of aggravated robbery proved beyond reasonable doubt and convicted him of the offence.

Odongo asked Court to imprison Ssenyimba for life saying he was a habitual offender and there have been numerous complaints against him by residents.

In her sentence, Justice Mugenyi jailed Ssenyimba for 50 years but ordered that the time he had spent on remand be removed from the term of imprisonment. He was given 14 days to appeal the conviction or sentence.

Ssenyimba was a known member of the disbanded B13 Gang which used to terrorize residents of Luwero town. Luwero Police arrested him after evading arrest for three years on several other crimes.

Ssenyimba managed to beat police surveillance for years because of bleaching and walking at night.

In 2018, the High Court in Luwero sentenced to death two former members of the B13 gang to death by hanging after they were found guilty of murdering detective constable Geoffrey Bala and injuring, Sergeant Sarah Achan during an attack at Kasana Police Station. The convicts are Eric Kirya and Ahamada Ssempala, both residents of Luweero town. 

The infamous gang came to the limelight in 2015 for terrorizing residents in Luwero district.

Meanwhile, in the same court session, Justice Mugenyi sentenced two men to serve forty years in jail each for aggravated defilement.

Abdul Noor Galabuzi aged 36 years resident of Kirangira LC Village in Luwero was sentenced to forty years in jail after he was convicted of defiling 10-year-old girl well knowing he is infected with HIV positive.

Court heard that on 30th December 2018, Galabuzi grabbed the girl while coming from the borehole and took her into his house where he performed a sexual act with her before giving him 2,000 shillings to buy bread.

Another convict Alex Muwonge alias Kawi aged 27 years a resident of Kabulanaka village in Zirobwe Sub County was also sentenced to 40 years in jail for defiling 12-year-old girl well knowing he is HIV positive.

Muwonge grabbed the girl by the neck while he was taking utensils to outside chicken and lead her to a coffee plantation near the home while he defiled.

Immediately after the sentence, the three convicts were whisked away by prison warders to waiting room ahead of court issuance of the warrant of commitment on the sentence of imprisonment.