Basajjabalaba Vows to Block Announcement of Opposition Election Success

Property tycoon and business mogul, Hassan Basajjabalaba, has boasted of his power to influence the outcome of elections in Bushenyi district.

Speaking at a large National Resistance Movement rally in Bushenyi yesterday, Basajjabalaba claimed to be personally responsible for the cabinet appointments of people in the district. He said he influenced the appointment of Tarsis Kabwegyere the Minister for Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Richard Nduhura the State Minister for Health, Kahinda Otafire the trade minister and Ephraim Kamuntu the planning state minister.

Basajjabalaba said he could wield similar power over other people if they voted wisely in yesterday's elections.

Hassan Basajjabalaba is the NRM Bushenyi district chairman. He is one of the richest businessmen in the area and is well known for owning Kampala International University, which operates at teaching hospital in Bushenyi.

During yesterday's campaign rally, he threw his weight behind his brother, the outgoing western youth MP Nasser Basajjabalaba. He vowed not to allow any opposition politician to beat his brother in the contest for the Ishaka Municipality seat. He even likened an opposition victory to Jesus Christ rising from the dead for a second time.

Nasser Basajjabalaba is only one of eight candidates contesting for the Ishaka parliamentary seat. He faces a tough challenge from seven indendent candidates – Franklin Katungwe, Ismael Kikurwe, Moses Mugambagye, Timothy Mugerwa, Julius Mutabazi, Mathius Nduhura and Odo Tayebwa.

Hassan Basajjabalaba's boasts did not go down well with many people in Bushenyi.

Peter Mugume, a resident of Ishaka town, accused the businessman of intimidation. He said Basajjabalaba thought his brother was entitled to win because of his great wealth.

Mugume said this did not impress him.

Odo Tayebwa, one of the Ishaka candidates, said Basajjabalaba should be called to order for inciting violence at the elections.