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Bathing Man Drowns in Lake Albert :: Uganda Radionetwork

Bathing Man Drowns in Lake Albert

The deceased has been identified as Julius Bihanga, a fisherman attached to Songa Lendu landing site in Buliisa town council in Buliisa District.
Fishing boats on lake Albert. A man has drowned in the lake waters in Buliisa. Photo by Emmanuel Okello.
At least seven people including city lawyer Pius Kasana, have been arrested to aid investigation into the shooting and injuring of Police Constable Pascal Musobozi three days ago. The police officer was shot at 1 am when Nabbingo Police Station responded to residents’ outcry of a bar giving them sleepless night due to uncontrolled noise.

Four police officers raided the bar and ordered its operators to close but their call was not heeded to. It is alleged that among the people who incited to revelers to threaten police officers was lawyer Pius Kasana and he allegedly warned the law enforcers that they were going to face it rough if they forcefully closed the drinking joint.

Sensing danger, police officers reportedly decided to retreat and return with more force. However, at about 70 metres away from the bar, a pistol bullet was discharged from the crowd that was in the bar and it injured police officer Musobozi.

Musobozi was rushed to Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Hospital and later referred to Mulago hospital for specialized medical attention. Police have since arrested seven people including lawyer Pius Kasana who is said to be the owner of the bar.

The other people arrested include Raya Namiya, Sauda Nakimera, Teddy Kambada, Aisha Nakolola, Annet Kabasenyi and Aisha Nalubega. ASP Luke Owoyesigyire said locals have since secretly provided information indicating that Pius Kasana possess a pistol which he has been using to threaten whoever attempts to ask him to reduce the noise from his bar.

“The drinking joint is called Kasana’s bar and locals have said it belongs to this lawyer Pius Kasana," ASP Owoyesigyire said. "They have also told us that they often see him with the gun. We suspect he is the one who shot and injured our police officer.” 

Lawyer Kasana has since denied having any pistol even though police have so far recorded statements from five people all pinning him. ASP Owoyesigyire said they are now doing whatever is possible to recover the gun so that they can find who exactly shot the police officer.

Statistics by police's department of private security organizations and firearms show more than 20,000 guns are in private hands, Wakiso alone in which Nabbingo falls having over 5,000 people with licensed guns.

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