Bible Organisation to Distribute Easy-to-Read Bibles to Schools

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Uganda's First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni, has chosen the U.S.-based World Bible Translation Center's Easy-to-Read Bible, for distribution in schools.

With an 874,836 dollar fund, the world bible translation center, in patternship with the Education ministry plans to distribute an average of 30 bible per class.

A statement from the World Bible Translation Center, indicates that the first phase of distribution will be to primary and secondary teachers.

The third phase will be to private and trade-school teachers.

The easy-to-read bible has a reference in the front cover on the topics of integrity, love, marriage, faithfulness, purity and abstinence.

Teachers will have Biblical text to support the daily Bible reading and religious education initiative.

The first shipment of 163,000 bibles is in Indonesia on the last leg of delivery to Uganda.