Bishop Gakumba Warns Politcians Against Inciting Youth into Violence

Bishop Gakumba standing with Robinson Okot, the curate of Christ Church Parish in Gulu City

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The Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda Johnson Gakumba has warned politicians to cease from inciting youth into acts of violence during the forthcoming general elections.

Preaching to Christians at Christ Church Parish in Gulu City on Friday, Gakumba said that elections are not a do or die thing and that those candidates who shall not make it should cease from inciting youth to perpetrate violence since God still has plans for them in other areas. He asked the youth not accept to die for any politician.

// Cue in: “This election has…

Cue out …because of politics.” //

The Bishop also asked the candidates to desist from hate speech, which could spark off conflict. 

Gakumba also asked voters not to vote for the candidates whose agenda don’t conform with biblical teachings. 

Bishop Gakumba is the 7th Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda. He has served as a priest for 37 years including the 11 years as Bishop after taking over from Nelson Onono Onweng in 2009. He will be retiring in November. 

During his time as a Bishop, he constructed many churches and scaled up outreach ministry for many to turn back to God. He also opened up so many health facilities in the community in a bid to provide quality health care services to the locals.

Moses Cik, the Chairman Parish Council of Christ Church Parish appealed to Gakumba to be the face of the fundraising drive for the construction of a bigger and modern church structure at Christ Church, one he said matches with a city standard.

Walter Kidega, the Curate of Christ Church appealed to the thousands of faithful who turned up for the farewell ceremony to pray hard so that God chooses a better person to succeed Johnson Gakumba.

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