Boda Boda Riders Excited On Receiving Impounded Motorcycles Back

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga at the media center today called upon all boda boda riders, whoever whose bicycle or motorcycle was impounded to go to the police station where it was impounded and sign for it.
Most of the Impounded motorcycles at Central Police Station

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Boda boda riders in Kampala have expressed their excitement on receiving back their motorcycles that were impounded by police across the country.

A few weeks ago President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had directed that motorcycles and bicycles should not move after 2pm as a measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID -19).

While addressing the country yesterday, the President said he gave pardon to riders who had disobeyed the 2pm rule and had their bicycles and motorcycles impounded.    Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on Monday that all riders whose boda boda and bicycles where impounded should report to the police stations and sign to receive them back.

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Mathias Saazi, and Joshua Muwanguzi, both boda boda riders at Gazaland stage said that they are so excited after receiving their boda bodas and hope to obey the new rules of operating from 6.30am to 6pm.

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John Sekeba, another boda boda rider in Kampala said that the government should reduce on the violence or punishments imposed on motorcyclists and bicycle riders because they can easily lose their lives in the process of beating or hitting them.

In recent weeks’ police had impounded more than 500 motorcycles and bicycles in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Enanga said that the total number of motorcycles and bicycles that will be given back will be announced tomorrow at media center.


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