Bombo Leaders, Kadhi Demand Release of 50 Children Held In Camp

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Jumah Mukiibi, one of the parents says that Sheikh Yasin Nsubuga mobilized the orphans and vulnerable children from the community to train them and offer them support at his orphanage center.
A mosque at Namaliga zone in Bombo town where the children were being taught about Islam

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Local leaders in Bombo led by the Kadhi of Luwero Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa and parents have called for the immediate release of 50 children held incommunicado at Kyampisi Childcare Center in Mukono district.

This comes a week after the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Police raided Markaz Ibun Hajarai School in Namaliga zone Bombo town in Luweero district where they arrested the director of the school, Sheikh Uthman Yasin Nsubuga.   

The officers also picked up former music artist, Ibrahim Segawa who was previously known as Vincent Segawa together with several others for alleged child trafficking. During the raid, the officers picked 50 children who were studying Islam and transferred them to Kyampisi Childcare Center, which is under Pastor Peter Ssewakiryanga.   

The parents of the affected children, local leaders and the Kadhi Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa, say that since the raid, police have neither produced the suspects in court or allowed anyone to access them. Jumah Mukiibi, one of the parents says that Sheikh Yasin Nsubuga mobilized the orphans and vulnerable children from the community to train them and offer them support at his orphanage center.

Mukiibi says that he personally handed over two children to the school after failing to look after them and was happy with their progress in studying their religion. He, however, says that he was shocked to learn that CMI and Police picked them up claiming that they were being recruited into terrorism, which he dismisses as baseless.

Mukiibi says that when he visited the CID headquarters at Kibuli to inquire about his children he was told that he couldn’t access them because they are undergoing rehabilitation at a center run by a pastor.  

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Muhammad Asiimwe, the LC 2 Chairperson of Bombo Central and caretaker of Markaz Ibun Hajarai School explained that other parents are poor and unable to go to the CID headquarters to find out about their children but frequent the school asking for help.

Asiimwe says that he has personally tried to visit Sheikh Nsubuga and children but has been denied access. He wants CMI and Police to present the suspects in the court if they have evidence implicating them as well as return the innocent children to their parents.

Umar Ssengendo, the Bombo Central Parish Councillor, says that as a community they are happy with the charity work done by Sheikh Nsubuga, saying there is no information linking him to the alleged child trafficking or terror activities.  

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Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa, the Kadhi of Luwero District has condemned the arrest of the school director and the learners, saying intelligence acted on a false tip-off from a drunkard in a bar. Mulindwa says that there is no information linking the school to any criminal activity and warned security against targeting Muslims.   

He asked security to release the children with immediate effect, saying it is unacceptable to hold them incommunicado at center run by a pastor.

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Charles Twiine, the Spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Directorate said that the known parents were profiled with their children and told what to do as investigations are ongoing. He refused to reveal when the children would be released to their parents and instead fired back questions to our reporter. 

Over the weekend, the Mukono North Member of Parliament Abdallah Kiwanuka visited Kyampisi Childcare Center to check on the children but was turned away by security. This is not the first time security is raiding a Muslim center on similar allegations. 

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