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Brisk Bricks Business in Busia

Abdu Magidu Ogada, a bricks maker at Buchicha ‘B’ village in Sikuda sub-county of Busia district says that they have spared two acres of land specifically for making bricks due to the high demand.
Residents burns bricks in Buchicha village

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Bricks makers in Busia district are working non-stop to keep up with the high demand for their product.

According to people involved in brick making, the price of bricks has been rising due to the growing demand in the area.The price of the fired bricks has this year increased from 80 shillings to120 shillings per piece at source in Busia.They are selling bricks both within Busia municipality and to the neighboring districts of Busia, Tororo, Namayingo, Bugiri and beyond.

Abdu Magidu Ogada, a brick maker at Buchicha ‘B’ village in Sikuda sub-county of Busia district says that they have set aside two acres of land specifically for making bricks due to high demand and he has also made over 600,000 bricks that are already booked and  is hoping to earn 7.2 million shillings if he sells at 120 shillings per brick.

Ogada says that he has benefited in brick production to the extent that is also able to employ several youths in the area. He appealed government to support them with bricks making machines so that the area develops a veritable brick making factory.

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Moses Abbuya, another resident says that he has deserted the teaching profession and joined bricks making due to benefit that is earning in daily basis 15,000 shillings that he couldn’t earn while in class and is now enabling him to cater for the family. He however expressed a challenge of the chest pain that he experience after work.


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David Egesa Mwembi says that he has practiced brick making for last ten years and this is the season he had never made so much profit lie he is making now by selling each brick at 120 shillings compared to previous years where they could sell bricks at price ranging from 50 to 75 shillings.

Egesa says that they are facing challenges of shortage of firewood for burning bricks and also rampant theft of their tarpaulins that they use to cover bricks as many youths who don’t have enough capital to begin have joined the business. 


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Emmanuel Ojambo, the L.C.1 chairman Buchicha B village says that the bricks prices have attracted many youths in the area and solved the problem of unemployment and rampant theft in the area. At least over 50 youths in the area have joined the business.


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Jimmy Ngolobe, the Busia district environmental officer says that the practice has caused deforestation, soil erosion and degradation of swamps, where bricks maker are encroaching on swamps to make bricks. He appealed to resident to desist from encroaching on swamps and to always fill up the pits they dig after making the bricks.


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