Budaka District Councilors Storm Out Of Meeting Over Allowances

The Budaka District councilors yesterday stormed out of council meeting over unpaid allowances amounting to shs 4million.

The angry Councilors alleged that they have not been paid for the last two months and yet their term of office is about to end.

Hardly had George Mugoda, the district speaker finished Presiding over the meeting, than Sam Mugarya, the Kameruka sub-county councilor, shot up his hand raising a motion seeking for guidance on the unpaid allowances.

He made it clear that as councilors they shall not continue deliberating on matters of importance and yet they are not being paid their allowances.

The councilor reminded the speaker that they are supposed to be paid according to the law.

He proposed that the session be adjourned until their arrears are cleared.

The majority of the councilors overwhelmingly supported his motion. The speaker adjourned the council meeting, leaving the chief administrative officer, Elias Byamungu and the RDC, Isidol Tibamwenda puzzled as councilors walked out of council the chambers.

The CAO and RDC were left standing for about 10 minutes pondering the next move.

The council meeting was meant to discuss the creation of new administrative units-new sub-counties, parishes and villages and also to discuss supplementary budgets for financial year 2010/11.

The councilors are entitled to 100,000 shillings per month each, and an allowance of Ushs 250,000 per council sitting.

Elias Byamungu, the CAO says the councilors have for sometime been pushing for advance payments whiech he describes as irregular and in total contravention of the standing orders and financial regulations”.

He explained that, “The district can’t pay for work not done.

Sam Mulomi, the Budaka LC5 chairman who was prepared to present the supplementary budget estimates, said he consulted the chief finance officer, John Babalanda, and was told that the district has no money.

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