Bududa Residents Flee Homes As Mudslides Wreak More Havoc

The mudslides, which occurred yesterday at 10 pm got most of them in their houses only to see mud flowing around and within their houses forcing them to run from their homes.
Resident demolished his house to vacate to a safer place.
Residents of Bumasata and Bumwalye parishes in Bulucheke sub-county in Bududa district have fled their homes following mudslides that hit the area on Wednesday night.

At least over 80 households have vacated their homes. The mudslides follow heavy rains that have continued pounding the district. Last week, mudslides affected crops and trees in Nakhatore, Bweli and Namatotoa villages in Bunanzushi parish.  

The other affected villages are Luwobe, Bukuna, Nakokolo, and Makunda in Bumasata and Bumeakye Parishes in Bulucheke sub-county. Peter Mukhwana, one of the affected residents, says that they have decided to vacate their homes for fear of being buried by the mudslides.

Henry Masanga, the Bumasata the local council two chairperson, says that the mudslides have caused a lot of destruction, saying they don’t have what to eat and where to go. He asked the government to come to their rescue.

Amina Namataka, another resident says that they vacated their house on Wednesday night leaving even the food they had prepared for supper after hearing flood water. She says that they did not sleep for fear of their lives. More than 600 mudslide victims are currently staying at Bumwalye primary school as they wait for government support. 

No district official has reached the victims by the time of filing this story. 

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