Buganda Chief Disowns, Condemns Youths who Blocked Roads Ahead of Kabaka Visit

Ow'essaza Kkangaawo Mulondo said that its not within the Kiganda culture for subjects to block road access to others as they express their joy to welcome the Kabaka
The Buganda Kingdom representative in Bulemeezi County has condemned the blocking of roads ahead of Kabaka visit today.

Yesterday self-proclaimed ingdkom loyalists blocked Kampala Gulu highway at Kasana Roadside market in Luwero town ahead of Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi  visit today.

The youth did not want anybody to pass through the arch the constructed over the road to welcome the Kabaka until he has gone through it on Saturday afternoon.

Kabaka Mutebi is expected this afternoon at Kasana playground in Luwero town council to launch the Bika (clans) football tournament.

Police responded by firing teargas to disperse them and confiscate their musical instruments.

Now Ronald Mulondo the Buganda Kingdom representative in Bulemeezi county officially known as (Ow'essaza) Kkangaawo has issued a statement condemning the act of blocking the highway.

Kkangaawo Mulondo said that its not in the Kiganda culture for subjects to block road access to others as they express joy to welcome the Kabaka.

Kkangaawo added that he condemns all those who defied his guidance not to block the road .

Kkangaawo Mulondo also apologized to the people affected by the inconvenience as well as Police operation to restore order and asked the leaders to nurture the subjects so as to always listen to guidance.

" On behalf of the County, I want to state it that the people who engaged in such acts are not part of us and I encourage all subjects to always keep peace," Kkangaawo Mulondo said in the Luganda statement that in effect disowned the unruly youths..

Kkangaawo has also rushed to Busula trading center to persuade other youths who also attempted to block section of the highway.

Isah Ssemwogerere the Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson also condemned the blocking of the roads.

Ssemwogerere says that Police backed by soldiers of Uganda People Defense Forces have been deployed in major towns along the highway to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Some UPDF and Police officers have been seen guarding the arch erected at Kasana roadside market in Luwero town to ensure the loyalists don't block it again.

Kampala-Gulu highway is gateway to South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.