Bujagali Dam won't Solve Uganda's Energy Crisis

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The imminent building of the Bujagali dam will not help solve Uganda's energy crisis and will likely make the power situation worse, says a national environmental group.
Frank Muramuzi of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists says he is very concerned about a decision to fast track the project. He says dangerous shortcuts may be taken and even if the dam is built, there is not enough water to produce the amount of electricity wanted.
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Muramuzi says a better option is to build smaller damns along the Nile which have less of an environmental impact and are more energy efficient.
The Bujagali damn will cost Uganda about 500 million U.S. dollars with financial institutions contributing 400 million dollars, investors 100 million dollars, and the government Shs 14 billion which it has paid to people displaced by the project.
Building is expected to start in December 2006 or January 2007 and is estimated to take about 44 months, less if possible.