Bumanya Health Center IV Battling Space Problems

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Part of the general ward at Bumanya health center IV.

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Majority of patients visiting Bumanya health center IV in Bumanya Sub County in Kaliro district requiring admission are turned away due to limited space.  

The Health Center in Charge, Paul Kibirige, says on average they received 200 patients each day, 38 percent of whom require admission.  

He however, says that due to space problems, majority of the patients are advised to commute from home.  

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Cue out…tend to receive,”//


The maternity ward at Bumanya health center IV has only five beds. However, on average the facility receives 10 in labor each week. 

The general ward has 11 beds, which are shared by men, female and children.

Musa Ikoona, a patient says the beds are joined so as to accommodate the big number of patients and their attendants.  

He says this has comprised the sanitation in the ward. 

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“Our main challenge is about the small ward because in case of big numbers, it is always dirty,” he said. 

Emmanuel Kisira, another patient says at times some patients lie on the floor and their attendants outside the ward.   

He says there should be plans of expanding the available wards to suit the increasing numbers of patients.

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Rosette Musubika, a patient attendant says there is no privacy in the ward, arguing that some patients even fear to disclose their illness to health workers, which slows their recovery process.

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Cue out:…obukyaffu bunene,”//    


“There is no privacy as patients and attendants alike share same beds. We also face a challenge of poor hygiene,” she said. 

The Health Center in Charge, Paul Kibirige says all responsible authorities in the health sector have been notified about the challenge and have promised to address them.

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