Bundibugyo District Introduces Compulsory Blood Tests

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Following the death of several people due to an unknown disease in Bundibugyo district patients there are to be subjected to compulsory blood testing.

The Chief Administrative Officer Bundibugyo Elias Byamugu says unlike in the past when the patients requested for tests their blood samples are to be investigated.

Byamungu says health workers in the district have been complaining that they are treating patients for diseases they are not sure of. Byamungu says patients found to be infected with the Ebola virus and Hepatitis E germs will be traced back to their homes in an attempt to control the rate of infection.

According to Byamungu, an isolation ward has been set up at Bundibugyo hospital and other health centers across the district. On Tuesday two more died from the yet to be identified disease that has caused fear and panic amongst the residents of Bundibugyo.