Bundibugyo PDM Sacco Leaders Ask For Additional Funds

Moses Kule, the chairperson Mabere PDM Sacco, asked the government to release the remaining balance so that each Sacco can get the money for its members.

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Beneficiaries of Parish Development Model-PDM funds in Bundibugyo district have asked the government to release additional funds. They claim that each parish recieved Shillings 7.3million instead of the Shillings 17 million announced by government in the last financial year. 

The group leaders are also demanding an explanation of why they received less money. Balaba Mudau, the chairperson of Bindingoma PDM Sacco in Bundingoma sub-county, says that they didnt receive an explanation why they received less money compared to other districts. He expressed concern that the Shillings 7 million will not yield good results since its little compared to the number of Sacco’s in his parish. 

“I have 21 enterprise groups in my Sacco and each group has about 20 people so we really don’t know how we are going to share this 7 million we rather leave it on the account as we wait for the balance,” Mudau said. Moses Kule, the chairperson Mabere PDM Sacco, asked government to release the remaining balance so that each sacco can get the money for its members. 

He says they opted to leave the Shillings 7.3 million on the account until they get the remaining balance. “We want to know whether this challenge is for Bundibugyo only or it cuts across the whole country, secondly, we want government to tell us when we should expect the remaining balance of 10 million for the outgoing financial year.”, Kule said.

Information from the Chief Administrative Officer-CAO shows that the district received a total of shs 1.156 billion under PDM fund last financial year. The Bundibugyo Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Enid Kajumba, said they have notified the ministry of finance planning and economic development about the shortfall in the disbursement but they were yet to get a response.  

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Cue out:….send the balance,”// 

According to the District Commercial Officer, who doubles as the program focal person, Joyce Tusabe, the district has formed 130 PDM SACCOS. She added that they were directed by the ministry to put all  the money on SACCO accounts and present any other issues thereafter adding that the balance is expect to come in soon.   

The Parish Development Model is the latest multi-sectoral strategy where the government plans to use parishes as the epicenter for development by channeling money to the communities to channel 39% Ugandans from subsistence to cash economy. The PDM’s primary focus is on increasing agricultural output and value addition.