Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Budget UGX 9.9Bn for New Financial Year

Robert Owagonza, the Kingdom minister for Finance and Planning read the budget before the Parliament at the Kingdom’s Rukurato Hall[Parliament] in Hoima town on Saturday afternoon.
Robert Owagonza the Bunyoro Kitara Finance Minister holding the budget brief case is flanked by other Kingdom officials out side the Kingdom Rukurato in Hoima town on Saturday.

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Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has budgeted shs 9.9 Billion budget for the 2019/2020 financial year.

Robert Owagonza, the Kingdom minister for Finance and Planning read the budget before the Parliament at the Kingdom’s Rukurato Hall (Parliament) in Hoima town on Saturday afternoon. 

Owagonza who says the budget is the first of its kind since the restoration of the kingdom in 1994, will enhance good governance as well as improve the quality of infrastructure of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. He also made it clear that his ministry will ensure that there is proper financial management in the kingdom. 

He implored the central government, civil society organizations, religious leaders and the people of Bunyoro to support Bunyoro kitara Kingdom by funding the budget.

In the budget office of the Prime minister took the biggest allocation of shs 4.6 billion, followed by Palace affairs that was allocated shs 1.2 billion. Special duties took shs 650 million, while tourism department took shs 393 million.           

Natural resources department took shs 322 million, while social services has a budget of  shs 346 million.  In the same budget, Investment ministry took shs 303 million while culture and finance ministries took shs 110 and 314 million respectively among others. 

Owagonza explains that monies to fund the budget will be realized from sale of Kingdom certificates, lease fees, rental income, tourism and donations among others. 

He says this is a balanced budget where the income is equal to the expenditure. 

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Cue out:…Babe na offices.”//.   

Andrew Byakutaga, the Kingdom Prime Minister says the line ministries should ensure quick and proper implementation of the budget to cause robust development in the kingdom. 

He adds that the budget has been drawn and guided by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom's 30-year strategic plan to achieve the Kingdom’s vision of 2050. 

Byakutaga says the strategic plan was developed by the management task force which was appointed by his Royal majesty Omukama Rukirabasaija Agutamaba Kabumba Iguru to restructure and provide direction of the kingdom adding that the budget is a reflection of the 50-year plan. 

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Cue out:…plan enu munkora.”//.  

Edward Bamanya, the Chairperson Finance Committee Bunyoro Rukurato (Parliament) says the budget will help streamline effective operationalization of the Kingdom various activities. 

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Justine Asiimwe, member of the Kingdom Orukurato representing Kagadi says the budget will ensure transparency and accountability in the Kingdom. 

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Cue out:… Kandi Ekurakuranize bunyoro.”//.